Lystria’s Favorite Anime of 2017


Hello my readers!

So it has just occurred to me that in my 5 years of running this blog, I have yet to ever post a rankings for my favorite anime of every year! And I have to ask myself: why have I been evading this topic? I literally do a list on my personal Facebook account for my friends to see every year, only for them to either ignore or slam all of my choices– oooohhh…

So here’s the deal. As 2017 comes to a close, I will publish my list of my 14 favorite anime that have aired some time this year. Why 14? Because 14’s my favorite number. No other reason. Bear in mind, these are my choices, and I respect that your top favorites are going to be different from mine. You’ll probably notice that I haven’t reviewed a lot of these yet, and that’s fine. They’re on my to do list. Think of this following list as a series of mini-reviews to tide you over before I take a much larger glance at some of these gems. You can find all of these and more on Crunchyroll!

Without further ado, these are my picks for my favorite anime of 2017!

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Anime Review: Tsuki ga Kirei (Part 2)


What makes a good, healthy relationship? Common interests. Financial stability. Spending time together. Trust in your partner. Emotional support. Affirming affection.

These are things that we know work, because that’s how couples normally would have kindled their relationships. But these are pieces of advice given by those who have had plenty of experience with relationships, romantic or otherwise. But for the young, it can be difficult to understand how these work, frankly because they’ve never tried. Or at least… I’ve never tried.

I adore this anime original, regardless of how overly sappy it is. But as you have probably guessed by the header of this post, I don’t have one opinion on this series; I have two. If you would like to read my first opinion that’s more performative and less analytical, click here. Choose to believe whichever one you like better, but I think there’s value in both of them.

Okay, enough tooting my own horn, let’s break it down!

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