5th Year Anniversary: My Favorite Anime Reviews!


Hello my readers!

Please excuse my absence. Between getting sick, working on obligatory family things around the holidays, and still looking for work, I completely ignored my own 5-year anniversary on the 31st of December! Sorry I’m late!

Of all the side projects that I have done, I never would have thought that anime reviews would be the one thing that I would like to do most on this site. Well it’s the one thing that gets the most traffic on this site anyway, never mind my fan fictions and philosophical musings that I also do!

If there is anything that I have learned from being a largely ignored WordPress user who hypocritically doesn’t do anything to get people to notice him, it’s that you will only get attention on the Internet if you talk about stuff that everyone else is talking about, or you space out your content with pictures that grabs users’ attentions. And yes, while that is definitely a skill that I don’t have as a writer, I am just about as stubborn as every other critic out there who believes that my opinion needs to be heard, rather than appease the audience!

But enough ranting.

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Great Moments in Summer 2015 Anime


Summer is over, and that means no more lazy days for some of us (yeah, I know). But before I start preparing for other things including the Fall anime season, let’s revisit some of the moments that came from a handful of anime from this past season.

This highlight review’s theme is Hero, thanks to this season’s Ushio and Tora.

Obligatory disclaimer: these are the great moments of the season, not necessarily the greatest moments of the season. These moments come from a limited list of things that I watched and does not include everything that aired in Summer 2015. You can find all of these anime and more on Crunchyroll.


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Great Moments in Spring 2015 Anime


Anime Expo begins in 2 days (or 1, in my case). But before I start working there, here are some of my favorite funny moments from the Spring 2015 anime season.

As always, these are great moments, but not necessarily the greatest moments of the season. You can find all of these titles and more on Crunchyroll. There will also be SPOILERS!

Click the following link for my Funny Moments in Spring 2015 review.

The theme for this review is From Here, and There, thanks to this season’s Wish Upon the Pleiades. Hope you enjoy them!

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Great Moments in Winter 2015 Anime


The Winter 2015 anime season is wrapping up, and once again, I am taking the time to share some of my favorite moments from this season. The theme this time is Colorful, thanks to this season’s Saekano.

You can find all of the titles shown here on Crunchyroll’s website. These are some of my favorite moments, but not necessarily the greatest moments of the season! Also check out some of the Funny Moments in Winter 2015 Anime.

As always, there will be SPOILERS!

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My Fall 2014 Crunchyroll Simulcasts


Hey everyone!

Taking a quick break from my studies to finalize my simulcasts for this anime season. Since then, I’ve added about 20 things to my list, but I’m choosing to highlight only 10 of them. As always, my lists tend to be quite eclectic, and don’t always reflect the most popular things.

As an aside, I will be getting back to full anime reviews on a later date, but my next one might take some time, as it will be the 50th anime-specific review I have on this blog; and I will be doing something a little special for that one.

You can watch legally and for free* on Crunchyroll! They are in order by when they come out weekly (PDT).

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