Re: Cosplays That I’ve Done (2011-2017)


So I just finished a really quick fan fiction project recently called Last Waifu Standing. You can read the entire anthology here.

Having said that, there was one section of the series that I really liked (which will probably be the first one I do quick revisions on, because I want it to be perfect), and that’s the two-part arc on “Cosplay OTP.” The premise of those chapters were that I would revisit past cosplays that I have done, roleplay the character I portrayed, and attempt to woo the character’s other half of the One True Pair fall in love with me. Spoiler: they end up giving me thoughtful advice that I may or may not take instead.

Although this was my favorite part to write, something was nagging me: unless you peruse my blog well enough, you wouldn’t have known that I did any of these cosplays! I’ll admit that I do cosplay just for fun, and wear them as conversation pieces to curious fans. But if I must draw attention to myself somehow, I might as well bring these up.

So without further ado, I will showcase each one that was featured in the ‘fic (and then some) right here. Right now!

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Future Cosplay: Taichi Tanaka


Once again, no fan fiction chapter today. Been uber busy today so I didn’t have time to sit down and write out the story. Here is a posting of something I did on Facebook yesterday regarding a cosplay idea.


Profile: Taichi Tanaka (Tari Tari)

Gender: Male

Age: 17-18

Taichi is a senior at Shirahamazaka High School in the general studies track. He is the only member of the school’s badminton team and qualified for the national tournament. Due to unfortunate circumstances, however, his club had to disband due to lack of membership. After a bet he lost against Konatsu, Wakana, and Sawa, he and the new transfer student Atsuhiro help the girls create the “Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club.”

Although Taichi is an athlete, he also enjoys singing. In first episode of Tari Tari, he sings the alma mater solo. Taichi plays a supporting role throughout most of the series and also develops a crush on Sawa.


Taichi face and body concept

Physical attributes:

Eyes: brown

Hair: black, parted in front

Body type: average, stocky

Clothing attributes (student):

Shirt: orange tee-shirt, white polo with left pocket

Tie: red, white hatched emblem on the bottom

Pants: blue jeans or trousers

Belt: black

Shoes: red and white tennis shoes

Other attributes:

Voice: tenor

Personality: hard-working, naive


Taichi feat. Wakana Sakai (Left)

Things that make us similar:

  • Same physical attributes
  • Both tenors
  • Similar personalities

Things that make us different:

  • I don’t play badminton
  • I’m not athletic
  • I project when I sing, but I occasionally hit the wrong notes

Cosplay debut: Anime Expo 2013 (maybe)

Optional: learn tenor parts for the songs from Tari Tari. Partner with Atsuhiro, Sawa, Konatsu, or Wakana.

Cosplay concept: parting my hair

Cosplay concept: parting my hair

Anime Review: Tari Tari


Reposted from my Facebook 24 September 2012.

I was looking through my Crunchyroll queue for things I had skipped over the Summer because I had to focus so much on school (among other things) and therefore had no time to watch it serially each week. Some things I plan to shelve and say “never mind, I’ll have to skip it for the next round of Fall stuff” or have it sit on my on-hold list for an indefinite amount of time. That’s when I came across Tari Tari, and thought I might have to do that to this one. It’s a typical school genre anime about kids who want to follow their dreams at a very crucial point of their lives while having to deal with typical teenage problems. Sounds like a Disney movie, right?

I suppose Tari Tari started out that way, but I was actually somewhat glad that I sat through its entirety. Call me biased, but I even gave the series a 10-point rating on My Anime List’s website. Why would I enjoy something that clearly wasn’t very original? I suppose it’s because it made me feel like I related to the problems of forming and maintaining the status and reputation of a school club.

Tari Tari is about 5 high school students who decide to form a Choir Club despite the fact that the Choral Club is already in full force. As you can imagine, each of the five members have their own motives from the git-go, especially when it comes down to putting a musician, a diva, a jockey, a foreigner, and a badminton player together in one room for the purpose of singing. This obviously leads to those typical teenage problems I was talking about earlier: anorexia, student politics, and lack of interest or direction, to name a few. And yet I feel pretty much the same way when it comes to organizing my club activities because the interest level and motives of my club members are extremely diverse. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we can’t possibly find common ground to get something going; otherwise my club wouldn’t exist!

The main conflict, however, arises about halfway into the series when the Choir Club (and sometimes Badminton Club) hit a road block because the school’s Cultural Festival is being cancelled for reconstruction of the school. Yes, due to the growing Japanese problem of a declining birth rate, the school board has decided to dismantle the school and build (ironically) an apartment complex in its place. While everyone from the school’s administration to the student council are quite depressed by this situation, the five brave students decide to continue on with their performance in order to sing their original work one last time.

I won’t give away the ending, but rest assured, I felt something very heartwarming about this series. Again, maybe I’m a little biased, but I felt that this series touched upon my own personal experience. It goes to prove what I like to do as a school club president and ultimately supports an education industry that I would like to take part in. After all, it seems that even in America we are totally focused on business and standards in the education system that we forget about the passion and joy we have when we put in the effort for doing the things we love. This is a theme I would love to teach to the next generation of students because I believe that finding that direction in your life is extremely important at the adolescent and young adult ages.

So yes, this series, as cliche as it might look on the surface, comes highly recommended by me personally. Heck, I might even consider it one of the anime series that truly highlights my own life!