Anime Review: Joker Game


Before I get into this review, let it be known that none of the events that happened in this anime are meant to be real. Any events that could have been related to them are purely coincidental.

Having said that, this anime takes place in a real world setting on the onset of World War II from the Japanese perspective. As I will discuss, this historical context will be crucial to my critique of it. By no means does Joker Game create a subversive take on the values that were held during that time and place, but it does give us its own critique for how the audience might learn from the mistakes of the past. I am not here to sympathize with the war efforts that transpired in Japan nor anywhere else from this time period, and if I may be so bold, neither does this anime.

So with all the cautionary things out of the way, suit up, put on your best fedora, and get to sleuthing. We got a series to crack.

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