Anime Review: Juni Taisen — Zodiac War


Oh boy. I tried to like this show. I really did. Amazing character designs, decent clashing of different political philosophies in a literal battle setting, and plenty of animal tropes relative to the Chinese myth that started the calendar cycle that we know today. But where this gritty battle royale of our zodiac warriors looked good from the surface, the anime itself? Let’s just say that I’m disappointed.

As someone who only watched the anime and couldn’t care less about the entire genre of letting random people kill each other while some corporate organization profits off of it, I will do my best to pull some critique out of my ass about what this series meant to me, regardless of how much it under-delivered. And once we’re all done with this, I’ll reveal who my favorite of the zodiac warriors was.

So grab your best gear, choose your favorite faction, and watch out for SPOILERS AHEAD! We’re gonna do the “Cha Cha Slide.”

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An Open Letter to Potential Employers


To whom it may concern,

At the time of writing this, I am a graduate student. I am working on a teaching credential so that I can become a certified public school educator at the middle and high school levels in California. What you are seeing on this blog is not my expertise but my personality. I am fully aware that you will probably come across it, if you are to look me up on my Twitter or you were one of the lucky few who have received my business card.

If you ask my references, there are a few qualifications that are consistent. I’m intelligent, a good writer, outgoing. People may not remember my name, but they remember my face or my actions. I stand out like a sore thumb in a crowd of people who are just skating by.

But if you don’t trust the people whom I have called upon as reference, then perhaps you would rather hear it from the man himself, the one you might be considering for hire. Very well. I understand that no candidate is perfect, and right now, it is an employers’ market. We, the potential hire, has to bend over backwards, just to figure out what it is you want us to do. However, I’m not so naive as to think that the hiring process is a one-sided deal where I have to sound like the perfect candidate for your company. I’m interviewing you, too. But I suppose a little more background on me is in order before that happens.

Here are a few things I would like you to know about me, that will always be apparent if you want to work with me.

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Trick or Treat? A Logical Approach


Based on the kind of stuff I post on this blog, you probably think of me as that anime guy. But when I’m not pretending that real life isn’t there to kick my ass, I’m a philosopher that occasionally teaches Math (I say “occasionally” because I’m not exactly working yet).

Now I’m not one to get into the holiday gimmicks very often, but since Halloween is coming up, there has been one thing that puzzles me about this holiday. I am, of course, talking about this thing that kids like to say to neighbors they rarely ever interact with, dressed in their costumes, only to get some candy from them.

What exactly do we mean when we say Trick or Treat?

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Anime Review: Everything Becomes F – The Perfect Insider


I admit that I have a different approach to anime reviews. I like to add critical analysis and self reflection to the shows I watch, as opposed to a standard evaluation. Furthermore, I also realize that this particular series leaves people with more questions than answers. Well, since I have a reputation to uphold, allow me to add to the confusion as I attempt to explain this series under my area of study: Philosophy!

In this review, I will be explaining the discourse in three parts that I believe are important to this anime. These sections will help in deconstructing “Seven is a lonely number,” “Everything becomes F,” and the unanswered questions. If you like a standard summary of what to expect, I will provide a brief exposition leading up to these points. I will also try to keep this review free of plot spoilers, but I will also be explaining some key elements in the series that can reveal spoilers. But before approaching this review (and the show, if you haven’t watched it yet), I find that these 3 principles help in understanding the series:

  1. While it is tempting to have an analytical approach for this series, I find it helpful to have a dialectical approach.
  2. Suspend your use of language in this series, especially when dealing with Dr. Magata. It’s better to try to understand her semantics rather than assume yours.
  3. Suspend your moral leanings. While they are still important, they are more likely to add more confusions to the discourse.

Well, if I haven’t lost you yet, let’s get this mystery started!

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Anime Review: Punchline


I admit that I’ve been putting off a review of this anime for awhile now, and that’s a shame. Despite its first glance, I found the series overall to be very clever in laying out such a ridiculous plot and it is one of my favorite shows to have come out of last year. While I naturally recommend everything that I talk about (including stuff I don’t like), this was among my strongest anime recommendations among friends for 2015. To me, this is a series that isn’t properly judged until you see the whole thing. And when it comes to getting to the punchline, this anime delivers!

But before I start this review, I should probably lay out the scope of what I will be talking about.

  1. This is a comedy series. There may be a few times where the show gets really serious, only to sucker punch (pun intended) the audience into how ridiculous it is!
  2. I will not deny that there are lots of panty shots (pun also intended, if you speak Japanese), due to the nature of the show and its characters. You would be right to think I’m crazy to pretend they’re not there.
  3. If you’ve read my other reviews, you should already expect some spoilers. And given that it’s tough for me to explain specific aspects of this series without them, consider this my SPOILER tag that spans to the end of the article!

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