Do You Even PEMDAS? Editorial on the Order of Operations


Lead-in Questions

  1. Solve: ÷ 3 ( 2 + 1 )
  2. How do you know that the answer you arrived at is correct?

So you’ve stumbled upon this blog, wondering why some nuanced anime critic who seems to think that talking about Philosophy is cool is now talking about Mathematics. Well, despite the fact that Philosophy critiques a multitude of disciplines, and goes hand-in-hand with just about any field, some of you are really stubborn about your worldviews in misunderstanding Philosophy, so I don’t bother trying to justify it.

You know what else some of you are really stubborn about? Order of Operations problems!

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Trick or Treat? A Logical Approach


Based on the kind of stuff I post on this blog, you probably think of me as that anime guy. But when I’m not pretending that real life isn’t there to kick my ass, I’m a philosopher that occasionally teaches Math (I say “occasionally” because I’m not exactly working yet).

Now I’m not one to get into the holiday gimmicks very often, but since Halloween is coming up, there has been one thing that puzzles me about this holiday. I am, of course, talking about this thing that kids like to say to neighbors they rarely ever interact with, dressed in their costumes, only to get some candy from them.

What exactly do we mean when we say Trick or Treat?

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