Anime Review: Kiznaiver


I don’t like to dedicate my reviews to specific members of the industry, seeing how I plan what I write about at least one week in advance, and I don’t know anyone personally in the industry enough to mention them. However, it has come to my attention that Boom Boom Satellites guitarist/vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima, who performed Kiznaiver‘s opening theme “Lay Your Hands on Me,” passed away this week. I can’t imagine what his family and loved ones are going through right now, but know that what he has contributed to this series through his talents had moved me, too.

Kawashima-san, thank you for sharing your talents with your fans and inspiring us to embrace that kizuna that we share with each other. You will be missed.

With that, I will be expressing a critical, yet very personal approach to this review, and hope to show how much respect I have for all of those who contributed to creating such a beautiful, original anime. I’m going to keep the humor light, but let’s face it: this is anime, and there are plenty of things found even in this series that can be kind of fun, relatable, and otherwise outright bonkers.

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Funny Moments of Spring 2016 Anime


It’s that time of the anime season again, where everything is wrapping up! And while I regret not taking part in the Winter 2016 season, I am relaxed enough to share some of my favorite moments from Spring.

The following moments are some of my favorite funny moments, but not necessarily the funniest moments of Spring 2016 anime. This is also narrowed down from a list of things that I watched during the season. You can find all of these and more on Crunchyroll.

The theme that I chose for these moments is Let’s Talk (話をしよう), thanks to this season’s Rin-ne! For the heavier side of this season, check out my Great Moments of Spring 2016 Anime!

And as always, there will be SPOILERS!

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