Anime Review: Gugure! Kokkuri-san


Kokkuri-san is a Japanese game where children put a coin on a sheet of paper with letters on it. By inviting the spirit to come through the gate symbol at the top, the children can then ask Kokkuri-san questions, as the coin moves mysteriously across the paper to spell out words from the letters. It’s basically Japanese Ouija, and summoning the occult can mean all kinds of curses if they’re not put away properly.

But in this series, Kokkuri-san and his animal spirit friends aren’t going away any time soon! In fact, in this comedy, the spirits aren’t the ones haunting children. The little girl is haunting them! So sit back, dance uncontrollably to the opening theme like I have, and enjoy a comedy that brings together history, parody, obscure references, and science fiction!

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Funny Moments in Fall 2014 Anime


The end of the Fall 2014 season, and the year, is upon us. And since many of my simulcasts have wrapped up, it’s time to once again share some of this season’s funny moments. The following 12 moments are comprised of roughly 20 anime series I have watched, which don’t even make up half of what aired!

This season, I am doing things a little differently by including a theme for the season. Fall 2014’s theme is Stars and Flowers, courtesy of this season’s Yuki Yuna is a Hero. The moments shown here, in my opinion, reflect this theme.

These are the funny moments (but not necessarily the funniest moments) of Fall 2014 anime. You can find all of these titles on Crunchyroll.

Click to read the Great Moments of 2014 Anime.

As always, there will be SPOILERS. Enjoy!


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My Fall 2014 Crunchyroll Simulcasts


Hey everyone!

Taking a quick break from my studies to finalize my simulcasts for this anime season. Since then, I’ve added about 20 things to my list, but I’m choosing to highlight only 10 of them. As always, my lists tend to be quite eclectic, and don’t always reflect the most popular things.

As an aside, I will be getting back to full anime reviews on a later date, but my next one might take some time, as it will be the 50th anime-specific review I have on this blog; and I will be doing something a little special for that one.

You can watch legally and for free* on Crunchyroll! They are in order by when they come out weekly (PDT).

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