Re: Cosplays That I’ve Done (2011-2017)


So I just finished a really quick fan fiction project recently called Last Waifu Standing. You can read the entire anthology here.

Having said that, there was one section of the series that I really liked (which will probably be the first one I do quick revisions on, because I want it to be perfect), and that’s the two-part arc on “Cosplay OTP.” The premise of those chapters were that I would revisit past cosplays that I have done, roleplay the character I portrayed, and attempt to woo the character’s other half of the One True Pair fall in love with me. Spoiler: they end up giving me thoughtful advice that I may or may not take instead.

Although this was my favorite part to write, something was nagging me: unless you peruse my blog well enough, you wouldn’t have known that I did any of these cosplays! I’ll admit that I do cosplay just for fun, and wear them as conversation pieces to curious fans. But if I must draw attention to myself somehow, I might as well bring these up.

So without further ado, I will showcase each one that was featured in the ‘fic (and then some) right here. Right now!

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Anime Review: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Shounen. Shoujo. Seinen. Josei. These are the typical demographics that are used in Japanese manga to gear the intended target audience of any given magazine. However, no projects are to be treated explicitly for boys, girls, men, or women; and having a demographic label is pretty arbitrary, albeit a pretty good indicator.

Having said that, this TV series became AT-X viewers’ Anime of the Year 2014, which is one of the premiere polls of what is most popular in Japan: the intended anime audience (not saying, of course, that input from non-Japanese audiences are not important; but it is what it is). And I think part of why it gained so much popularity is because this show, which was adapted from a 4-panel shounen manga publication, appealed to audiences from all the “typical” demographics.

But enough of me rambling on about the complexities of sex identities (I’ve been reading a lot of Simone de Beauvoir lately). This series was one of my favorites from last year too; and as strange as it sounds, my first exposure to it was not from the manga, Crunchyroll, or even a close friend. I first heard of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun from a Chiyo cosplayer at Anime Expo 2014 (right about the time the series aired), who just happened to also be an alum of a school that Latino Gamer and I attended!

Chiyo cosplay

Me as Taichi Tanaka (Tari Tari) with Chiyo Sakura and fellow alumni from **** College. Photo taken by Latino Gamer (right).

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Funny Moments in Summer 2014 Anime


As the summer season of anime is wrapping up, I decided to just go ahead and post this. Why? Because on my personal Facebook page, I collected and documented over 2,000 screenshots of 26 shows I had watched for this entire season! And because I need to practice [some] restraint, I’ve limited my selections on what to share here!

And seeing that in seasons past, my “Great Moments” in anime highlights are all heavily “feel” types, I decided to compile a short list of the funnier moments as well. Click on the following link for the Great Moments in Summer 2014 Anime.

Disclaimer: as a reviewer of the less highly anticipated and otherwise “bad” anime, these compilations do not include [some] of the most hyped shows of the season.

As always, there will be SPOILERS!

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