Anime Review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie


You probably know me here as Lystria. There is a lot of history to that name. It’s the name that I use on just about every MMORPG that I have ever played. That is, when I used to play, as much as I did. To most of my real life friends whom I have kept close over the years know the truth: I am a game addict.

So when an anime series like this one came along, it’s understandable that I wouldn’t get the same kind of joy from it as I would your average gamer, anime fan, or gamer anime fan. And while it did not make it even close to my favorites of 2017, I did still wind up liking this series for all that it’s worth, but with that enjoyment comes a lot of long forgotten memories that are bittersweet.

As you read this, I hope that you will laugh, you will cry, and perhaps smile too. But I also hope you understand that there are many layers to the conversation about gaming, particularly for individuals like me who do find trouble when it comes to managing how much I play when I do, and despite knowing my own limitations, I still do! That’s why it’s called an addiction!

So without further ado, open a session window, strap on your headset, and choose your server. It’s high time this MMO guy got his groove back!

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Anime Review: Hi-sCool! Seha Girls


Before I get into this review, I have one disclaimer: I never grew up with Sega. I’ve done as much research as I could about what this series has to offer, but to Sega fans out there, please excuse my naiveté.

Regardless, it is fun to watch. Truth be told, Sega is still making games, but this anime is based on the light novel series, Sega Hard Girls, which imagines all of Sega’s consoles anthropomorphized as girls. Sega Hard Girls would later become part of a crossover with Superdimension Neptune, but never mind that. This is an anime review!

So with that, grab your controllers, bring some extra change with you, or download those mobile apps. For this review, we will be revisiting Sega’s library of games with the Sega Hard Girls (and their chibi counterparts) as they take on one last task: to graduate high school!

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Anime Review: March Comes in like a Lion


This is a beautiful anime. It tells a compelling story that goes in all kinds of directions, it makes good use of colors and scene design, it’s got a great cast of characters, its tone parallels a game of Shogi, it takes a very honest approach about the nature of depression, and it’s got talking animals and cute voice-overs for every onomatopoeia that pops up!

It has the power to lift my spirits. Sure, it played around with my feelings a lot, but it also makes me smile. So as March comes to an end, allow me to share how it came… like a lion.

Meme Face

Aw, come on! I haven’t even started the review yet!

This is a review for the first season of March Comes in like a Lion that originally aired for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017. It will continue where it left off for the Fall 2017 season, and you can bet I’ll be watching it then too!

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Anime Review: Magic-Kyun! Renaissance


Happy White Day everyone! As promised about a month ago (has it been that long?), I have decided to review a series that features a bunch of guys, and what better way to discuss it than with another romantic anime?

Now just to clear the confusions, this series is the anime adaptation for an otome visual novel for the PS Vita that was released simultaneously with its original broadcast in Fall 2016, and no, I haven’t played it. Now I would slap a SPOILER warning on this review, but I have to be honest: the only real spoilers are ones for the game, once you play all the routes. That and honestly, I try not to take this one too seriously.

If you let go of the idea of expecting a critical analysis, complex characters, and whatever judgment you have about stuff that’s not meant to make sense, Magic-kyun! Renaissance is very enjoyable. After all, it’s a lovely story about one girl that changes the life of six guys in an art academy… and occasionally magic stuff happens.

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Anime Review: Log Horizon


Those who know my review style know that my anime critiques contain some deep thought about the message that is often found in a series. And those who know of author Mamare Touno’s works know that he can make an entertaining story with a brief lesson in political and social science. It seemed inevitable that I would eventually review an anime based on one of his works, so here it is!

This is a combined review of the first and second seasons of Log Horizon‘s animation. Here are some limitations to my review:

  1. The bulk of the discussion will be on political and ethical philosophy as it appears in Log Horizon. As interesting as the metaphysics and epistemology are in the series, I will only mention those briefly.
  2. Most of the discussion will be coming from the second season as it is the freshest in my mind.
  3. I admit never to have read any of the light novel that the series is based on. A much more critical analysis, I’m sure, can come from there.
  4. I will not be discussing comparisons or fan theories for the series; so no “which is better” or “what if” scenarios. I will be focusing on the animation as it presents itself only.

So without further ado, let’s log in to this review!

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