Anime Review: Comet Lucifer


I need to make this clear before we dive into this review: Comet Lucifer is a fun series to watch. Sure, it still has the mecha feels, poor dialogue, and that one dancing vegetable scene that nobody liked, but that’s all part of its originality.

Like the fallen angel whose name is shared within this anime’s title, Comet Lucifer is very impure, no matter what direction you take to talk about it. The anime is part mecha, part shōnen action, part tragedy, part fantasy, part cute, part futuristic sci-fi, part hallucinogen-induced animation, part environmentalist foreshadowing, and if we consider any of those elements separate from everything else, then of course this series fails in all categories! But from these impurities in everything we know about making categorizing things, I still think that Comet Lucifer has a creative side that makes it worth watching. I mean come on, when will be the next time you see melon pan grenades in a drama series?

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