Anime Review: Baby Steps


This month I have been featuring anime that speak to the theme When determination is not enough. And I know what you’re thinking: this anime has its answer right in the opening theme song, “Believe in Yourself.” That would be satisfactory if you liked straightforward answers to all of life’s toughest problems.

But since I’m a critic who has no soul, giving such a vague, cliché claim is easier said than done. And thank goodness, our protagonist Eichiro Maruo doesn’t get it right away either! So rather than just stipulate that believing in yourself is what you do when determination isn’t enough, I will be deconstructing what this tennis anime has to offer about what it takes to get to that point. After all, Eichiro is so good at analyzing things, he makes note-taking so intense!

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Great Moments in Summer 2015 Anime


Summer is over, and that means no more lazy days for some of us (yeah, I know). But before I start preparing for other things including the Fall anime season, let’s revisit some of the moments that came from a handful of anime from this past season.

This highlight review’s theme is Hero, thanks to this season’s Ushio and Tora.

Obligatory disclaimer: these are the great moments of the season, not necessarily the greatest moments of the season. These moments come from a limited list of things that I watched and does not include everything that aired in Summer 2015. You can find all of these anime and more on Crunchyroll.


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Great Moments in Spring 2015 Anime


Anime Expo begins in 2 days (or 1, in my case). But before I start working there, here are some of my favorite funny moments from the Spring 2015 anime season.

As always, these are great moments, but not necessarily the greatest moments of the season. You can find all of these titles and more on Crunchyroll. There will also be SPOILERS!

Click the following link for my Funny Moments in Spring 2015 review.

The theme for this review is From Here, and There, thanks to this season’s Wish Upon the Pleiades. Hope you enjoy them!

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Funny Moments in Summer 2014 Anime


As the summer season of anime is wrapping up, I decided to just go ahead and post this. Why? Because on my personal Facebook page, I collected and documented over 2,000 screenshots of 26 shows I had watched for this entire season! And because I need to practice [some] restraint, I’ve limited my selections on what to share here!

And seeing that in seasons past, my “Great Moments” in anime highlights are all heavily “feel” types, I decided to compile a short list of the funnier moments as well. Click on the following link for the Great Moments in Summer 2014 Anime.

Disclaimer: as a reviewer of the less highly anticipated and otherwise “bad” anime, these compilations do not include [some] of the most hyped shows of the season.

As always, there will be SPOILERS!

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