Recent Anime that Subtly Broke their Genre Molds


I’m going to do something a little different. I have been seeing a lot of gripes about how anime is getting repetitive lately, and to be honest, that is true on a basic, oversimplified level. While the industry does favor anime with similar stories and themes in terms of being “safe” choices for viewers, there are others that enjoy making fun of tired tropes in the form of parodies, or completely deconstruct their genres. These kinds of shows are the ones that fans and critics alike will talk about the most, whether they liked or disliked them.

However, I’m more interested in a handful of “middle tier” anime: shows that weren’t necessarily bad or good, but altered their themes slightly where they felt original to me, but also maintained important aspects of their respective genres. Some of these have become popular, but I thought that they were very creative in offering something different. For limitation’s sake, these are anime series that I have already reviewed on this blog. By the end of this post, I hope you’ll appreciate the idea that no two anime are alike.

These are in no particular order.

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Funny Moments in Fall 2014 Anime


The end of the Fall 2014 season, and the year, is upon us. And since many of my simulcasts have wrapped up, it’s time to once again share some of this season’s funny moments. The following 12 moments are comprised of roughly 20 anime series I have watched, which don’t even make up half of what aired!

This season, I am doing things a little differently by including a theme for the season. Fall 2014’s theme is Stars and Flowers, courtesy of this season’s Yuki Yuna is a Hero. The moments shown here, in my opinion, reflect this theme.

These are the funny moments (but not necessarily the funniest moments) of Fall 2014 anime. You can find all of these titles on Crunchyroll.

Click to read the Great Moments of 2014 Anime.

As always, there will be SPOILERS. Enjoy!


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Funny Moments in Summer 2014 Anime


As the summer season of anime is wrapping up, I decided to just go ahead and post this. Why? Because on my personal Facebook page, I collected and documented over 2,000 screenshots of 26 shows I had watched for this entire season! And because I need to practice [some] restraint, I’ve limited my selections on what to share here!

And seeing that in seasons past, my “Great Moments” in anime highlights are all heavily “feel” types, I decided to compile a short list of the funnier moments as well. Click on the following link for the Great Moments in Summer 2014 Anime.

Disclaimer: as a reviewer of the less highly anticipated and otherwise “bad” anime, these compilations do not include [some] of the most hyped shows of the season.

As always, there will be SPOILERS!

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