Philosophical Editorials


These are all of the philosophical editorials I have written on this page. A catchier name for these posts will occur, as soon as I come up with a better name for this series.

12. My Thoughts on Reaching Phase II of “Me Too”

11. I’m Hesitant to Say “Me Too”

10. The Present King of France, explained

9. Anger, Playfulness, and Masculinity: a Lugonesian Critique

8. God is Dead? The Paradox of Christian Atheism

7. My Earliest Memory — A Critique on Dialectics and Part 2

6. 5 Disturbing Philosophical Arguments

5. The Importance of Philosophical Dialogue

4. The Ultimate Trolley Problem

3. Do You Even PEMDAS? Editorial on the Order of Operations

2. My First Philosophical Experience

1. Problems Posed by Descartes — The Cogito

0. Trick or Treat? A Logical Approach