Professor Ginkgo Chronicles



Professor Ginkgo is a young and upcoming Pokemon Professor from the Kanto region. While only recently earning his PhD in the field, the adjunct professor goes to the Unova region on a personal expedition, when suddenly a pokemon with a mysterious collar encounters him! The events that unfold compel the professor to relive his past in order to shape his future. How will Prof. Ginkgo steel his resilience while working on his next publication deadline?

Professor Ginkgo Chronicles is my first completed fan fiction novel. The rough draft was completed in May 2013. The full revised version was completed in April 2014. It is inspired by the world of Pokemon and takes references from the manga, anime, and video game series. While many of the characters are original, the characters and creatures directly related to the Pokemon franchise are not intended to be portrayed to its integrity.


Chapter 1: Encounter in Unova

Chapter 2: “You’re Still a Kid, Kid”

Chapter 3: Phone Call

Chapter 4: Professor Sakura

Chapter 5: “I Challenge You!”

Chapter 6: Unconventional Battle

Chapter 7: Memories of Celadon

Chapter 8: Tea Ceremony on Thursday

Chapter 9: The First Compliment

Chapter 10: The Senior Member Exam

Chapter 11: Fallen Champion

Chapter 12: Dark Petal Dance

Chapter 13: Farewell to Friends

Chapter 14: Just Like Old Times

Chapter 15: Mei Jia

Chapter 16: The Angry Tea Girl

Chapter 17: The Slob of Slateport

Chapter 18: “Who Knows Me Better than Anyone Else”

Chapter 19: Her Ginkgo, My Sakura

Chapter 20: “To Truly Understand Your Pokemon”

Chapter 21: Sunday at the Gym

Chapter 22: Ginkgo no Kusari

Chapter 23: “Ready to Share Her Life with You”

Chapter 24: Kanon Aizawa

Chapter 25: Project Sakura

Chapter 26: The Kidnapping

Chapter 27: The Professors Summit

Chapter 28: Escape

Chapter 29: Gathering in Mistralton

Chapter 30: Infiltrating the Tower

Chapter 31: “Command Us, Professor”

Chapter 32: Pokémon Warrior Battle

Chapter 33: Wordless Communication

Chapter 34: “To the Heroes We Inspire”

Chapter 35: The Warrior’s Way

Chapter 36: Where Ginkgo and Sakura Dance

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