Oda Twin Chronicles


Oda Twin Chronicles is my second fan fiction for the Pokemon series and a sequel to Professor Ginkgo Chronicles.

Shuichi Oda (Professor Ginkgo) is now a full-fledged Pokemon Professor and focuses his studies on tracking modern day warlords in the Pokemon world. His career seems to be heading in a promising direction, when a crisis occurs within the University of Pokemon Studies system, leading him on an expedition to Ransei, a region far from Kanto where warlords continue to thrive and fight for political power.

And as Prof. Ginkgo’s new journey unfolds, he comes across a long-lost twin sister, Shuko, who was separated from his family from birth! As siblings team together to bring a crisis to a close, cultures clash and revolution is at hand in Oda Twin Chronicles.

Oda Twin Chronicles is a fan fiction inspired by Pokemon and the spin-off game, Pokemon Conquest. The story is told in first-person with two narrators, which are noted at the beginning of every chapter. No characters are intentionally made to portray real people or characters from their respective media.

UPDATE 6 July 2016

Oda Twin Chronicles is on permanent hiatus. These are the chapters that I had published, and that’s pretty much it. On account of me being busy doing lots of other things nowadays, this project will remain incomplete.


Chapter 1: [Shuko] Memories of Ransei

Chapter 2: [Shuichi] The Pokemon Warlord Database

Chapter 3: [Shuichi] Officer Amy

Chapter 4: [Shuko] Encounter in Sinnoh

Chapter 5: [Shuichi] The Yamazaki Corporation

Chapter 6: [Shuko] Familiar Battle

Chapter 7: [Shuichi] Interrogation

Chapter 8: [Shuko] Flight to Kanto

Chapter 9: [Shuichi] The Professor’s Office

Chapter 10: [Shuko] Shuichi’s Past

Chapter 11: [Shuichi] Kimonos on Sunday

Chapter 12: [Shuko] Master Erika

Chapter 13: [Shuichi] Crisis at the University

Chapter 14: [Shuko] Crisis in Ransei

Chapter 15: [Shuko] “I’m Home”

Chapter 16: [Shuichi] “You are Never Alone”

Chapter 17: [Shuko] Pokemon Affinity

Chapter 18: [Shuichi] The Land of Ransei

Chapter 19: [Shuko] Battle for Aurora

Chapter 20: [Shuichi] Working Together

Chapter 21: [Shuko] The Resistance

Chapter 22: [Shuichi] On the Eastern Front

Chapter 23: [Shuichi] The Dancing Warlord

Chapter 24: [Shuko] Conquering the South

Chapter 25: [Shuichi] Battle of Dragons

Chapter 26: [Shuko] Muneshige’s Tragedy

Chapter 27: [Shuko] Storming Violight

Chapter 28: [Shuko] Thunderclap

Chapter 29: [Shuichi] Beauty in the Midst of War

Chapter 30: [Shuichi] Gracia’s Crusade

Chapter 31: [Shuko] Lord Jun’s Plan

Chapter 32: [Shuichi] Divine Snow

Chapter 33: [Shuichi] The Wrath of Articuno

Chapter 34: [Shuichi] Black Snow

Chapter 35: [Shuichi] Divine Radiance

Chapter 36: [Shuko] Reflection by the River

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