Last Waifu Standing


This is a fan fiction project used to commemorate over 5 years of anime criticism that I have done on this blog and beyond, back when I was still writing only on Facebook. The title is part of an ongoing joke in my Anime Reviews where I would select my favorite waifu, hasbando, or simply one character that I find most relatable. But when you have too many waifus, things will get out of hand! All the waifus that I have selected as of 15 August 2017 will stand, only 1 will remain. Who will be… the last waifu standing?

Last Waifu Standing is written in dialogue form with no visuals (so use your imagination). Links to each characters’ respective reviews will be displayed when they first appear.

This is a parody fan fiction that is solely meant to be humorous. The characters as they are portrayed are not to be taken seriously.

Chapter 1: Elimination Round


Chapter 2: Am I the Uke?

Chapter 3: Enter the Hasbandos


Chapter 4.1: Cosplay OTP Part 1

Chapter 4.2: Cosplay OTP Part 2


Chapter 5: That Cheese Ending


Chapter 6: Explanations and Such