Update 2 July 2018


Hey everyone!

So I’ve been posting sporadically over the past 3 or 4 months or so. Sorry about that. I should be posting some new stuff very soon, but I figured it would be best if I let you all know what I’ve been up to for on this blog and elsewhere (maybe).

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Update 30 October 2017


Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. Been avoiding the blog scene lately, because I’m still spinning my proverbial wheels, trying to get work and do the grad school thing, all at the same time. Even had some problems with family and bullies and stuff, so… yeah. Not very fun stuff at all.

I guess I’ll share what I have planned for my blog, coming soon.

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No posts for the next couple of weeks (probably)


Hello, my readers!

I apologize for not filling everyone in on drama happening all over my life. Then again, some of you are probably thankful for that. Meh.

Not necessarily related at all to last week’s Tsuki ga Kirei review, or an editorial about the Order of Operations, but lately some chaotic shifts have been happening in my life. No worries. These kinds of things have happened before, so I have an idea of how to handle them. Long story short, two events happened to me back-to-back, that weren’t exactly pleasant, which were then followed up by a revelation that I’ve been hiding, even from myself, 10 years in the making.

Curious? Just ask. Long story short though, I may have gotten the closure I needed.

Anyway, will be back soon! Right now though, I need to pick up the pieces.

So I Have a Patreon


Hello my fellow readers!

So if you have scrolled through my entire posts as of late, you may have noticed something new at the end of my reviews. That’s right. I have a Patreon account! That means that if you like what I do here and you think I should get paid for it, then you can donate to me and get cool bonuses and stuff, like being in my circle of thinkers about anime, philosophy, writing, humor, uhm… that’s all I have right now.

But before you start whipping out your credit cards and paying your dues, I should explain what I plan to do with this service and why it matters. I don’t mind being transparent about my views, and I think as a potential patron, you are entitled to as much information about what you’re paying for as possible.

I demand high quality for myself in everything that I do, so a few extra bucks won’t guarantee that the content will get better any time soon.

This blog is a hobby to me. And despite the amount of research and thought I put in to trying to teach you all something worthwhile, I’d like to keep it that way. A lot of my reviews are written for fun (imagine that), and I don’t succumb to popular demand that easily, granted I do have a review planned in the near future that is has gotten a great deal of popularity as of late.

Although my political leanings are closer to anarchist levels of radical, my business model is conservative. I’ve always been more comfortable giving you a product you didn’t expect to like, but perhaps might enjoy if you take the time to read or check it out. Comments are rare on my blog, but I distinctly remember surprising one anonymous user with my Blade and Soul review, a good 2 years after I reviewed it! I don’t always tell you when I think a series is good or bad, but readers have surprised me by responding to anime reviews that even I didn’t think were all that great!

Truth be told, my Magic-kyun Renaissance review was intentionally humorous, and as I had stated in the review, it was a series that I didn’t think was very good. Yet in the months since I reviewed it, I’m still getting a hit from that post here and there. You all have certainly surprised me with what you like about my opinions as well. Those are the moments that I find most special about blogging.

If you plan to become my patron so that you might get special treatment and get cool benefits or something, don’t. In fact, some of the higher rewards I have are jokes (this is a humor blog, if you haven’t guessed). I intend on using my Patreon for donations only, and it is really only as valuable as you think it should be worth.

I may be an anime fan/critic, but I am also a philosopher. Starting this week, I will be posting regular editorials on all things philosophy, with topics of my choosing. Now I know that philosophy is a weird subject that can literally talk about anything, but if I’m going to use my degree in the discipline properly, I will be facilitating discussion to the best of my abilities in critical and meaningful thought. At the moment, I have a handful of ideas I would like to talk about, but if you want to join me in philosophical conversations I have in the future, become a Patron and we’ll talk. If I’m not too busy, that is.

I do have one reward that is legitimate, and that is the one where I will gladly review your writing project (whatever that may be) for content, grammar, etc. That one is worth $25/month, which in my opinion is rather generous for an editor.

At the moment, I would like to gain subscribers for possible future projects, whether it is to review something that my patrons have always wanted to read my opinion about, or complete a certain fan fiction that has been on indefinite hiatus. Heck, one of my Patreon exclusives is to share some of the details that went into crafting the Pokemon universe that includes a dedicated university system and pokemon warriors (spoiler: not a Pokemon War Theory, but actual history). However, I still haven’t decided on what I would do once I get more patrons.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say (uhm… write?) about this Patreon thing. Check it out if you’re interested. Otherwise, I got grad school things to take care of, and that’s already costing a lot of my time and money as it is. Look forward to reading more of my reviews and philosophical essays cleverly disguised as blog posts. And thanks for reading!


Like what you just read? (Yadda yadda) a Patron!

Recent Anime that Subtly Broke their Genre Molds


I’m going to do something a little different. I have been seeing a lot of gripes about how anime is getting repetitive lately, and to be honest, that is true on a basic, oversimplified level. While the industry does favor anime with similar stories and themes in terms of being “safe” choices for viewers, there are others that enjoy making fun of tired tropes in the form of parodies, or completely deconstruct their genres. These kinds of shows are the ones that fans and critics alike will talk about the most, whether they liked or disliked them.

However, I’m more interested in a handful of “middle tier” anime: shows that weren’t necessarily bad or good, but altered their themes slightly where they felt original to me, but also maintained important aspects of their respective genres. Some of these have become popular, but I thought that they were very creative in offering something different. For limitation’s sake, these are anime series that I have already reviewed on this blog. By the end of this post, I hope you’ll appreciate the idea that no two anime are alike.

These are in no particular order.

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