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This is a compilation of the memories I’ve had of Lystria Densine back when I attempted to write a fan-fiction novel for her. Said story no longer exists. This page details what I thought of back then simply for history’s sake and the name that I use for this blog.


Lystria Densine was a gnome warlock who lived in Azeroth of the Warcraft franchise. Her adventures had taken her from the falling of her beloved home kingdom of Gnomeregan to becoming one of the most kind, yet misunderstood, gnome warlocks heralded by the Alliance. Today, Lystria resides in Ironforge. Due to its loss of the late King Magni Bronzebeard, Lystria is placed in the noble duty of raising Lady Moira Thaurissan’s son because it was thought that this child was born of the corrupt powers of a warlock, and must be taught to control them. She also lives with her parents: Elias and Brenda Densine, who have established refuge in Ironforge, and grandmother Norah, who was also a renowned gnome warlock of her time.


Like most other warlocks (though misunderstood by non-warlocks), Lystria Densine gained the powers of a warlock by inheritance. The Densine family of gnomes have had many warlocks in their family for many generations, dating back to Giddion Densine, the first gnome warlock of the clan. Giddion was once a lesser member of the Council of Tirisfal, the Dalaran order of human, gnome, and elf mages. But upon learning of the arcane demonic powers, Giddion had left the Council to become a warlock and had placed a curse on his clan, where his children for generations will also become warlocks. For many generations, the Densine clan would be ostracized by their gnomish brethren as corrupted members of their race, not to mention, the schism within the family which would cause a great family feud.

One day, Medivh, the prophet who was once associated with the former Council of Tirisfal, visited members of the head families in the feud, telling of an end to their age-long feud of warlocks. The curse of the Densine clan would be lifted “when divisions end and the clans are united.” When this happens, only one more warlock would be born of the Densine clan, and (s)he will be the greatest warlock among the Densines.

It turns out that Norah was a distant member of the Densine clan and had married Paul Densine. After their marriage, they gave birth to Elias. Soon after, many of the remaining members of the Densine clan, including Paul, mysteriously passed away. Elias never awoke to any magic affiliation whatsoever, so it was thought that Norah Densine was the last warlock from the prophecy. Norah Densine, in her heyday, became a master among warlocks and had taught the philosophy of using demonic powers for the greater good. This was all fine, until they realized Lystria, daughter of Elias, was born of the warlock ways also.

Brenda, Lystria’s mother, was the daughter of a gnomish traveling merchant. She was also a fire mage by trade, and influenced Lystria into training into the Destruction arts of warlock magic. Brenda’s older brother and his wife were killed long ago and entrusted their daughter, Melany Sparksight, to the Densine household. Lystria had looked up to Melany like she would a big sister. When Gnomeregan fell to the trogg army during the Third War, Melany was separated from the rest of the Densines, and it was thought that she would be missing forever.

Lystria would not be reunited with Melany until the day of the Invasion of Stormwind by the Scourge, where their meeting was abruptly ended by Melany’s fateful death.

Warlock and Noble Training

Lystria Densine awoke to her warlock powers the night of the fall of Gnomeregan, where she had protected herself by using the Howl of Terror spell against a squad of troggs. When the family learned of this, Grandmother Norah asked her former student, Lady Darkscry, to take Lystria in as an acolyte. Darkscry (whose real name is never revealed) was a human who had practiced the Demonology arts of warlock magic. She is often accompanied by Giltanas, her Felguard. While she was often feared by most other humans, she was a true master of the Demonic arts and controlled it enough to never become corrupted. Darkscry had one other pupil, Vishnur, a high elf who practiced in the Affliction arts of warlock magic. Vishnur was quite loyal to his master Darkscry, until a matter within his family called him to become a blood elf, and therefore a member of the Horde. Lystria had always thought of Vishnur as a rival and brother in the warlock arts.

Lystria also studied to be a noble of Ironforge because her father Elias was a hero during the Third War. Upon coming to Ironforge Academy, Lystria met and fell in love with Constantine Sines, a gnomish warrior who was also studying to be a noble. Constantine’s philosophy of questioning what is good and evil led him to believe that the Horde was not the true enemy of Ironforge or the Alliance, a philosophy that was not well-accepted by other students of the Academy. Lystria would continue to believe in his cause until the fateful day when Constantine was killed during a raid on the Black Temple in Outland.

The Hero Lystria

After 7 years of training to be a warlock and a noble, Lystria was given an emergency “graduation” task of protecting Stormwind during the invasion of the Scourge. It was thought early on that the city would be demolished and many of its citizens had evacuated and the armies were in retreat. Lystria, along with Melany and a few other avid members of the Alliance continued to fight on against the Scourge to the end. Knowing that the lives of many others were at stake, Lystria bravely took on a frost wyrm that tried to devour innocent townspeople seeking refuge in one of Stormwind’s turrets. As she fought the undead dragon alongside her summoned Infernal, Elias Densine bravely supported her along with all the other Ironforge artillery units to fend off the dragon. With a final blow, Lystria conjured her first Chaos bolt to kill the frost wyrm and passed out on the battlefield.

It would have been a fateful end to Lystria as the Scourge continued to pour in, but the bravery of such few gnomes and dwarves brought the rest of the Alliance back on to the offensive to drive away the enemy. Many heroes were made that day, and Lystria was among them. She had officially become a noble in Ironforge that day and would later be conscripted by the Alliance to join in the effort to take down the fabled Lich King.

And at that point is when I, the creator of this avatar, met this amazing warlock.


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