[Phil. Ed.] My Thoughts on Reaching Phase II of “Me Too”


Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Threatening

A couple months ago, I shared what is perhaps the most personal recounting of any of my memories in a philosophical editorial titled I’m Hesitant to Say Me Too. Since writing that, my life has been chaotic and anxiety-inducing, combined with trying to keep up with my studies. There aren’t a lot of support lines for teacher candidates who also fall into marginalized categories, particularly involving mental health issues. Luckily (and I do say this kind of facetiously) I’ve been taking advantage of the high-functioning side of my abilities, so that I can blend in with my peers.

Before I revisit this topic, I’m going to stress that this is an editorial with philosophical charges to explore some semblance of truth. That being said, I realize that the very mission of “Me Too” when it started has been for women, and more specifically, originated as a work for women of color. I do not wish to erase their stories, their testimonies thus far, as they are very important if we are to come to any point of healing. If there is anything you take away from my thoughts here folks, listen to women of color. They do a lot more of the work of feminist thought and action than you think!

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