Update 2 July 2018


Hey everyone!

So I’ve been posting sporadically over the past 3 or 4 months or so. Sorry about that. I should be posting some new stuff very soon, but I figured it would be best if I let you all know what I’ve been up to for on this blog and elsewhere (maybe).


If you have come across any post I’ve had in the past year and a half, you probably may have noticed that any links to my Patreon account go nowhere. That’s because my account is currently inactive, as I have yet to have any subscribers or content. I have decided that concerning my content and subscriber pool, it’s wiser for me not to have the account, especially since it wouldn’t be fair to my subscribers that they donate to someone who doesn’t post as often as one should.

This means that until further notice, all content on my site is free and open for public viewing. I will try to find ways to make money elsewhere, as that unfortunately is something that is necessary in order to live.

General Content Stuff

So last month, I posted a Philosophical Editorial (which I will be tagging in all future editorials from here on out in the title) regarding my thoughts on Christian Atheism and how Christianity is treated in the United States today. Although I received little feedback, the post did receive a few likes and I gained a couple of followers from there.

I’m glad to see that some folks are interested in my thoughts on the matter, but I would like to restate that the content on this blog is mostly about Philosophy and Anime (two things that probably shouldn’t fit together, but whatever) on the gaze of personal reflection and humor. I am quasi aware that my blog’s name The True Lystria sounds like a Christian spiritual site, but as I explain to readers every so often: the name “Lystria” was chosen a long time ago when I made an Adventure Quest toon named Lystria, and the name has been my online avatar ever since.

That being said, I do think that there is merit in studying Christian philosophy, seeing how the vast majority of people where I live either are or have come from a Christian background, and since I do philosophy on this site anyway, I figured, “Why not have a post about it?” Alongside John Grey, I had invoked some Friedrick Nietzsche and Soren Kierkegaard in that last post as well (albeit minimally) who have also had some choice things to say about Christianity that doesn’t go all that appreciated by christians or philosophers alike.

Speaking of that last post…

My former government teacher has been responding to recent political events here in the United States, concerning our current administration and some of their… decisions… they have made, and while I don’t think that she was responding to my blog post directly, there were a few details that I may either have misinterpreted or would like to clarify (or both. You know how I do).

The “separation of Church and State” policy in US government does in fact mean a freedom to express all religions, while also adhering to no establishment of religion of any kind by the government. Whether or not that was how the founders of the Constitution intended it (particularly the Congress responsible for the Bill of Rights), the fact remains that this is how it should be interpreted. I say “should” because the lines of religion and more specifically Christianity does get kind of blurred in the US on account that, again, the vast majority of people in this country are Christian or come from a Christian background, so if the majority of people really, really, wanted it in a majoritarian political fashion, having things like a nativity scene in front of judicial offices for Christmas or holding prayer sessions prior to Congressional meetings is surprisingly okay (I guess our society hasn’t done a great job in secularizing Christianity just yet).

I think it’s important to note that the one Christian value that I did invoke in my last post has one underlying position, which is that Christianity does necessitate an other, such that in order to uphold these values, one must acknowledge that non-Christians exist and are in fact also our neighbors. This was Jesus’ lesson across many of his teachings, and has been an established law since the days of Exodus, concerning how one must treat foreigners in their community. We aren’t all the same, and by all means, we must acknowledge that we aren’t yet still respect them as if they were, is the kind of tone that the Bible gives. “Remember you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

Although I do have trust issues with organized religion as a whole, given… well… my history… with other Christians, I am somewhat relieved that quite a few of my christian friends have spoken out against the atrocious policies that our country’s administration has not only allowed, but have gone the extra blasphemous step of saying that it was “how God intended it.” In fact, at least one of them had finally said that these people who are using the “Word of God” to allow such policies are not Christian.

I… found myself wishing that I could’ve said that 12 years ago, but given the circumstances of my 18-year-old self against a well-established college organization, could not. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever truly return to Christianity again, but it I am glad to know that there are at least some christians out there who do care about their faith, and have not stopped in taking back their religion.

Anime Reviews

Shifting gears for a moment, I will resume anime reviews next week (at least it’s on my to-do list). I’ve taken a 6-month hiatus from watching anything new, so they won’t be recent. However, as I am counting down the days to staffing at Anime Expo yet again this year (yes I said STAFFING), I’m catching second wind on all the fan content on my social media, and can’t wait to get back at the helm of sharing my thoughts on stuff I’ve watched and how I have incorporated their lessons into my own life. Yes, this is something that I think critics don’t do enough, and it’s high time I take back my position to see that they do! (cue: evil laughter or something?)

So what will I be reviewing? Uhm… I don’t know yet. If you’re reading this and are interested in my reviews, let me know in the comments which of these you want me to do (I’ll ask friends at Anime Expo for their input as well).

  • Bubuki/Buranki (both seasons)
  • Sekko Boys
  • Classroom Crisis
  • Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma): Seasons 2&3, possibly 4 (what arc are we on? I don’t even know anymore)
  • Sakura Quest
  • Urahara

I’ll most likely take some time to rewatch and take notes on whatever series I choose. Look forward to a full review of one of them!

Fan Fiction

I’ve entertained this idea to at least 2 of my peers now, so this might be happening. I am interested in going back to resuming my Pokemon fan fictions on this blog, on one condition.

See, in the past few years since I’ve been creating content, I came to the harsh realization that no one writes in a vacuum. And while it was a lot easier for me to crank out a full novel-sized Professor Ginkgo Chronicles, the sequel series Oda Twin Chronicles and spin-off plans thereafter got so much more convoluted, as I became more and more aware of some of the flaws that came with the narrative. Selling the idea of a pokemon professor turned warrior is a hard sell if you’re not into that niche, and I also just hate writing about legendary pokémon, which was going to be a large focus of the second series.

If I’m going to complete this story (which I would like to), I would need incite from other fans. So you know. If you think that my stories are actually worth reading, let me know what works. And if there is something that makes absolutely no sense at all, I need to know where to clarify.

Philosophy Stuffs

Nope. This is not going away any time soon. My legitimate BA degree is in Philosophy, so I have plenty of ideas just bouncing around in my head, waiting to get spewed in glorious blog form!

That being said, I have been working on a long-awaited editorial on the philosophy of anger, specifically as it relates to toxic masculinity and the intersection of male feminism (still working on the title). This is a topic that I have wrestled with since the inception of my philosophical life, and by no means do I think that I have solved it yet. However, I do want to get those thoughts out there soon. That is, once I kick this addiction to a certain mobile RPG, seeing all the toxic elements happening all over again.

My other philosophical project on this site, Somewhere Atop the Ivory Tower, is on hold at the moment. However, I have been gathering some information on a certain… cultural exchange that I think would be epic to many of you classic philosophers, but in my satirical fashion, won’t be nearly as exciting as one would hope. Oh well!

It’s Socrates and Confucius, okay? Man, this impatient straw man audience and their–

That’s all I have to bring up for this update. Still in the teaching program, on my way to become a public school educator. If you want some teacher bits from me, let me know so I might add some of that to the blog content. Maybe I’ll sneak some in to my philosophical editorials (that Paolo Freire guy is someone I respect and have been waiting to critique publicly because of it) or Anime Reviews (don’t underestimate what I’m capable of talking about in those things). I will be back with actual content very soon.

Lystria, out!


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