Anime Review: Love is Like a Cocktail


Well. It’s that time of year again. The day when I have to combine two trivial holidays for no reason whatsoever, except that I think they’re fun. This White Day, I am going to surprise my hypothetical girlfriend with the gift of a trigonometry project! Because today is also Pi Day, and I am a Math teacher when I’m NOT talking about anime! Only sad thing is, all of this is hypothetical. Oh well…

This is my annual White Day anime review special, coupled with the annual Valentine’s Day review special! Going on 4 years now, I make an effort to talk about a romance series for this holiday, and since White Day is the day when guys give gifts to their lady friends who gave them gifts on Valentine’s Day, this review will be more oriented toward the ladies!

So what could I possibly do with this animated short series that would make it sound even remotely like a gift to the ladies, when fellas are also reading my blog? Good question. Well, there is one thing that I discovered from last year’s special that seemed to have had a similar effect, so there can only be one thing:


Best. Waifu. 2018!

Love is like a Cocktail (Osake wa Fūfu ni Natte kara) is a short series about the nightly musings of a young couple, Sora and Chisato Mizusawa. Chisato is an office worker, and Sora is her loving husband who was once a bartender.

City life can be stressful, since Chisato has high expectations for her own success, to the point where she must be professional at all times, taking no nonsense at her workplace whatsoever!

Cool Chisato

Seriously. Don’t mess with her.

So when she comes home, Chisato needs time to wind down and relax from a busy work day. To indulge in a secret that she has held from her colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors alike. And who better to serve her a refreshing beverage than Sora himself?

Home is the only place where Chisato feels like she can loosen up, and when she does, that no-nonsense personality she has at work turns much, well, cuter.

Orange Juice

Now let’s be clear: I’m not one to drink. I only do it on special occasions, and given my own role as a teacher, I would never do it around minors. These are the expectations of professionalism, and when you are in constant gaze by other professionals, you don’t have time to be anything more.

The current Japanese work ethic is generally given as a prime example for things that go awry with high stress, but working class Americans have this same problem, and sometimes without even realizing it. For the purposes of these anime reviews, I’m not one to judge what one does with their lives, knowing that the work ethic problem does exist across all facets of modern society, but explore possible ideas about how to handle them, as we move forward.

In my last review on Recovery of an MMO Junkie, we explored a case of a lovely young lady who flat-out rejects the expectations of this work ethic to find herself in her 21st century hobby. Here, we find a working woman who has learned to cope with these expectations through a different strategy: with the support of her husband.


Awww… thank you. Oh wait.

One thing that I absolutely love about this show is Sora, and what lengths he goes to to show how much he cares for his wife. When she comes home, he lovingly prepares a drink. When she needs to destress from a hard day’s work, he lets her be herself.

And when she’s in a really foul mood, he gives her a hug. Really simple stuff!


They’re also quite infectious!

Although he was a bartender at least once in his life, we never know what Sora does with his life today. Love is like a Cocktail is told entirely from Chisato’s perspective, so the only times we ever see him are when she comes home to him, where he has already prepared a meal, a bath, or… bev…er…age?


Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

As a loving husband, Sora has taken the role that is typically assigned to the stereotypical wife: caring, supportive, and always has a warm smile on his face. Some might consider this move to be an inside joke for the entire series, as the stereotypical gender roles of both Chisato and Sora are flipped. But the way that Sora handles these care ethics are how I imagine a guy would take care of his lover. Knowing that the two of them are working together at this crazy thing we call life. An idea that comes with young lovers today, and arguably how I think couples in general should act like, given the circumstances of a modern work ethic.

If I had to be honest, Sora is the kind of husband or lover I would practice to become. But enough of those idealistic shenanigans, this is still a comedy series.


“When life gives you lemons…”

For those of you who are still not all that convinced about watching a young couple act stupidly in love to wind down from work stress, no worries. Every episode also gives a recipe for the featured cocktail in the show.

So for my White Day gift to you all, this one was my favorite recipe in the mix. According to Sora, it’s perfect for exhaustion. And to those of you who don’t drink, it’s also non-alcoholic!

Banana Cocktail

  • 200mL milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp citrus jam
Banana Cocktail

Stir and enjoy!

So if you’re looking for an anime to wind down the stresses of everyday life with a fun young couple over some drinks, watch Love is like a Cocktail!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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