Anime Review: Lovely Muuuuuuuco!


Hey anime fans! Lystria is back to do more anime reviews!

This time, we’re going to discuss a fun series for the kids. That’s right. No theories. No heavy anecdotes. No antagonizing criticisms that make me really mad about everything!

But there is one problem for me when it comes to discussing this anime. The main character here is a dog! An akita, to be precise. I don’t really understand dogs in general, so recently, I interviewed the lovely Muco with some questions I had for her. The following post has been transcribed for your entertainment.


“Oh no, not another meta review…” ~The audience.

Lystria: So Muco, you’re the star of Lovely Muuuuuuuco! (Itoshi no Muco). What can you tell me about it?

Muco: Well, Lovely Muuuuuuuco! is about my life. Me! A good girl who likes to cool off in the pool, play with everything that comes my way, and everything that Komatsu-san does! In fact, everything great about this show is whatever Komatsu-san does! He’s so cool!

Lystria: Komatsu-san really is a cool guy. What can you tell me about him?

Muco: Komatsu-san is amazing! He feeds me, lets me run around outside, and sometimes he plays with me. I don’t really understand why he throws things that I bring back for him though. Komatsu-san can be very confusing sometimes, but I still think he’s the coolest guy ever!

Komatsu-san working

Komatsu-san runs a small business as a glass maker.

Lystria: I see. Komatsu-san definitely loves what he does as a glass maker. You two must be really happy together.

Muco: I know, right? I love it best when Komatsu-san is happy! But there are times when he does make me mad, especially when he’s angry. Muco doesn’t know what she did wrong, but she will always do her best to make Komatsu-san happy again! Sometimes I wish he can one day become a dog like me. Then we can both have fun chewing on that blanket all day!

Muco's fantasy

Lystria: But I’m sure that you and Komatsu-san have a lot of friends, too. What can you tell me about them?

Muco: Muco also likes Ushicou-san. He and Komatsu-san are really close, and he likes to play with me too. Sometimes I think he overdoes it, but well, that’s just Ushicou-san, I guess.


Ushicou-san, throwing balls at Muco.

Muco: There’s also this lady that comes to our house a lot. I don’t really understand why, but every time I see her, my tummy starts to growl something awful!

Lystria: Oh, you mean Shinohara-san? She’s such a nice person though.

Muco: I don’t know, but she spends a lot of time with Komatsu-san. And it seems like every time she’s around, Muco has to stay outside or keep her distance. Why does Komatsu-san get so angry at me when I want his attention? I don’t get it, but this always seems to arise whenever that lady’s around.


“guru guru guru guru…”

Lystria: Well you probably don’t have to worry about her all the time then. Besides, I think Ushicou-san has a thing for her instead of Komatsu-san, anyway.

Muco: Ushicou-san has what?

Lystria: Uhh, never mind. How about some of your own friends? You and Rena Bōda seem to get along.

Muco: You mean that girl who comes with that guy with the big hair? She makes me so angry though! Every time she comes over, she teases me or pulls on my tail! Muco doesn’t like when other people do that, unless maybe it’s Komatsu-san.


Rena and Muco, getting along?

Lystria: Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Rena still has much to learn, as she is still a child. But aside from those times when she’s being a nuisance, you two really have a lot in common.

Muco: Huh!? No way! That girl… Rena is like… huh. I can’t remember what it was that upset me so much. Ah well. I guess it’s nothing to worry about too much, right?

Lystria: Well that’s enough about her. Just like other dogs, you have to take care of yourself too, right? What do you do about your health at such times?

Muco: Oh, I just run around, chasing my tail and chewing on a blanket all day, or watch Komatsu-san do something cool. But you know what? Komatsu-san also takes Muco to see the doctor sometimes. And he scares me.

Lystria: Yeah. Having to see the doctor can be scary, even for human children. I’m sure it’s like that for dogs that have to see the veterinarian, too?

Muco: Oh, but I think Komatsu-san is more afraid of the doctor than I am. I think that’s the real reason I’m scared of him.

Dr. Mutou

Oh boy…

Lystria: Yes. Dr. Mutō does come across as quite the sadist. Maybe that’s why doctors can be so scary to go to.

Muco: I don’t know. Not all doctors are scary like that! At least, I don’t think they are. You humans are so strange in making such generalized assumptions about other people! Muco doesn’t like the doctor, but she knows that seeing him is only temporary.

Lystria: Huh, I think you’re right, Muco. I guess there really is value in forgetting about such bothersome things that will always continue to persist. I underestimated you in your capacity to say something profound.

Muco: And besides, after every time I see the doctor, Komatsu-san gives me a treat! I love treats. Especially ones that Komatsu-san gives me!

Lystria: Riiight… Anyway, one last thing I wanted to ask about your show, Muco. What’s with all the text that pops up when you say anything?

Muco: What? There’s text that pops up when I say anything? I don’t get it, but that sounds really cool.

Lystria: Well, I figured it was there so that the audience who’s watching the show can associate your words in both spoken and written language, which teaches the kids how to read.


The kanji 犬 (“inu”), the Japanese word for dog.

Muco: Eh? There are kids watching Muco?

Lystria: Yep. In fact, your largest audience are young children who are set out to become good people when they grow up. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Muco: Wow! Muco never knew that she is so amazing! I don’t understand it all very much right now, but it makes me happy to know that I’m doing something good!

Lystria: Indeed you are. Stay a good girl, okay?

Muco: Okay! I will do it for Komatsu-san! That’ll make him happy.


Thank you, my readers, for getting through this dialogue. In truth, I think that Lovely Muuuuuuco! is a fun series that can teach you a lot about the hand-to-mouth life of a dog, that some of us, including myself, often forget. Muco has taught children these simple but important life lessons in a rather light way. I hope to see that anime continues to produce shows like this, even now.

Sorry that a lot of my posts recently have been more dialogue-heavily and less anime-related. I will soon be returning with regular anime reviews that offer a holistic critique on shows that I’ve watched, complete with full thoughts. Until then, watching shows like Lovely Muco (uhm… Muuuuuuuco!) are still quite the treat for me when I don’t want to take things so seriously.

So if you’re looking for an anime that stars a dog and her human friends, happy to share her experience with the children in all of us, watch Lovely Muuuuuuco!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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