Update 30 October 2017


Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. Been avoiding the blog scene lately, because I’m still spinning my proverbial wheels, trying to get work and do the grad school thing, all at the same time. Even had some problems with family and bullies and stuff, so… yeah. Not very fun stuff at all.

I guess I’ll share what I have planned for my blog, coming soon.

Philosophy Stuff

Tomorrow’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s Halloween, and I will be spending my time… taking a Math exam for a night class. In costume. Probably.

But aside from that, I also have another philosophical editorial planned, and I personally think this one is a lot of fun. Lately I’ve been compiling a short list of disturbing philosophical arguments that I have found either in online journals, or discussed in classes that I took. To be fair, none of them are actually disturbing to me, but if you’ve never come across a philosophical argument where reason is the only thing that qualifies, they can be disturbing to you.

While I am aware of the possibility that my readers can be children, the post is suitable for mature audiences. And no. There will be no pictures. Because I’m boring, and I think you should read more.

Haven’t decided on when or how I will entertain new philosophical topics yet, but I am open to requests. Bear in mind, most of the topics that I plan to cover will ultimately be my choice, but suggestions are welcome.

New [Fanfic] Series?

I don’t think any of my subscribers know about my Facebook page, mainly because I use it for friends only. But if you somehow find it, I’ve been sharing mostly articles and rants, like all the people you want to ignore on social media… and a series I have called “Somewhere Atop the Ivory Tower.”

These posts are dialogues that I have created in the style of satire, where various philosophers would have a conversation that may or may not have happened, all of it in jest. I have been asked to turn it into a comic, but then Existential Comics kind of already does that, and I love their work! That, and I don’t exactly draw.

Instead, I’ll be sticking to what I do best and write out dialogues as they come to mind in text form. Haven’t decided if I want to turn that into a business yet, but for now, it’ll be there for the laughs.

Anime Reviews

After 6 months of avoiding the simulcasts, I have decided to return to the simulcast run for this Fall. And (ugh) I started about 20 shows, trying to keep up with maybe 10 of them. Seriously, I don’t know how I used to do this, because I used to be a lot more dedicated to watching anime, doing school stuff, having an on-call job, and I suppose doing house chores. Where did I go wrong– (takes note of how many hours I spend playing video games that nobody cares about) oh.

Well, when I’m not sucking my brain out with a gaming addiction, I do want to get back to anime reviews. I’ve been told from others that my writing comes to life when I’m writing about stuff that I like, so I will do my best to keep that tradition going.

The holistic approach is hard for a lot of you, but it is a style that I’ve become most comfortable with over the years. Unfortunately it is an unpopular style of reviewing, and I get depressed the moment I start comparing myself to those of you who have adopted the analytical approach, with all your followers and stuff. I haven’t been able to return to my roots just yet, but I still believe in writing to heal. Such has always been my main focus for writing anime reviews.

Haven’t decided on what I’ll be reviewing next yet, but it will probably be something light and something funny, just to get me started again. Nothing too fancy or popular. Look forward to it.

Personal Stuff

Although I have been quite depressed all of 2017, I have been seeing a therapist, and I have become more acquainted with my mental health conditions. They may be small, but there have been instances (at least on social media) where I have had to play Senpai and help others out who have been depressed or on the verge of suicide, sharing my story, and giving them hope that all the stupid shit we have to deal with on a daily basis is only temporary. People these days are very hesitant about sharing their life stories, because it is too embarrassing to express one’s feelings in an open space, where you don’t know how people will react.

Maybe it’s my age of being almost 30, but I pretty much gave up on pleasing the masses who like to deny that things like anger, suffering, and loneliness don’t exist. You know, all those normies that ignore you when you’re getting “hysterical,” or refuse to hear your side of the story because they just want you to shut up. Listening to a lot of people can be taxing, and I don’t recommend that you do it for everyone. But as of late, I find it helpful to listen when others are in pain, and that’s really why I’ve been taking a backseat on doing the creative work that I love.

To me, blogging has been a fun activity, and I think that sharing thoughts in this fashion is a very effective tool for those who will read it. But whether or not you believe me, I care about others’ well-being, too. Especially now, when things are incredibly uncertain on all kinds of social and political fronts.

Anyway, sorry to have gone super sour on this update. I do have some funny things coming up very soon. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!


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