No posts for the next couple of weeks (probably)


Hello, my readers!

I apologize for not filling everyone in on drama happening all over my life. Then again, some of you are probably thankful for that. Meh.

Not necessarily related at all to last week’s Tsuki ga Kirei review, or an editorial about the Order of Operations, but lately some chaotic shifts have been happening in my life. No worries. These kinds of things have happened before, so I have an idea of how to handle them. Long story short, two events happened to me back-to-back, that weren’t exactly pleasant, which were then followed up by a revelation that I’ve been hiding, even from myself, 10 years in the making.

Curious? Just ask. Long story short though, I may have gotten the closure I needed.

Anyway, will be back soon! Right now though, I need to pick up the pieces.


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