Anime Review: Tsuki ga Kirei


To myself: the “True” Lystria.

Maybe no one else knows what your review schedule looks like, but I do. You have the recent romantic hit, Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, so Beautiful) slated for Tuesday. You were going to gush on and on, about why this anime is so important to the romance genre, and why it has relevance to today’s understanding of young love. How it’s a masterpiece, worthy enough to be considered in your running for Anime of the Year.

You may have adored this series, but you and I both know that there was something you hated about it too! Something you never wanted to say, because it would reveal the very flaws of your criticism, the weaknesses in your true, likable self. Well I’m here to tell the other side of your review, before you get a chance to say anything about it!

After all, if you say what you wanted to say, you would never tell her story!


Haha! You wish. Let’s break it down!

Tsuki ga Kirei is a super cliché romance title about the budding love of two middle schoolers, Kotarō Azumi and Akane Mizuno. With one more year before high school, the two shy away from a “will they, won’t they?” relationship, as they nervously talk to each other as many middle schoolers do.

But one night, as the two of them gaze upon the full moon to admire how beautiful it is, they confess their love for each other, and start going out. The rest of the series is one small conflict after another that works out between them, as nothing seems to get in their way of love. Nothing!



But the problem with this series, particularly YOUR chance to review it as a romance, is simple. It’s not that it’s too idealistic. It’s not because you think these characters are acting too silly. Far from it! No. You can’t review it because YOU NEVER HAD THIS EXPERIENCE!!

You never even tried! What? Your friends teased you, you got rejected a few times, and you started telling yourself that you weren’t worth it, so you turned to romance anime to fill your void!? Get outta here! You don’t know what real romance is like! Not from Wuthering Heights. Not from orange. Not even from Actually I am! And before you start telling the world about your fantasies of yet another romance you think is amazing, I’m really starting to wonder which one of us is the fake! Why are you doing this to yourself?


Shut up.

I’m sure you saw a lot of yourself in Kotarō’s character. He’s a fighter. He’s a creative writer. And you have that nervous feeling in your stomach whenever you talk to a girl you like.

Well I’ve seen all of your anime reviews. I know how much you joke about picking your favorite waifu or hasbando from a given series that’s littered with a bunch of characters to choose from! How much you choose from each one of them based on how much you see of yourself in them. That’s not admiring or fantasizing about another person, that’s falling in love with yourself! No one will ever love you if you keep acting like that!


Do you really want to end up like Sonoda-sensei!?

Well I’m here to tell our readers — right here, right now — that there is another character that you identify with way more than with Kotarō. A character that you don’t even want to acknowledge exists in this anime!

That’s right. You relate most with that other guy, Friend A, Takumi Hira!


Admit it! You don’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship. But you do know what it’s like to get rejected! You always choose an awkward time to confess, hoping, just HOPING, she will say “yes,” yet you know deep down that she will still say “no.” And why is that?

Because you can’t commit! You can’t just say “I love you!” You’re still waiting to see if she will ever say it to you first, not knowing anything at all about how she feels about you! And yet, that never comes to pass, because you are just her friend. And just like after Hira confesses to Mizuno, things just get awkward between you and your friend after that. You don’t know what to say to her when she only sees you as a friend. You don’t know how to keep your friendship after being rejected. And you will never, NEVER admit that that has been a problem. And you call yourself a feminist?

You’re imperfect. Just like everyone else.

You may treat your waifus like some kind of joke for your audience, but I’m serious when it comes to mine. And you know what? I think the best girl in this series is the one you should aspire to be more like. The one brimming with confidence. The one that tries her best everyday, and gets back up again when she falls down!

That’s right. I love Chinatsu Nishio!


Unlike you, she confesses her love with confidence. Yeah, she’s afraid. She knows she’s going to get rejected. Hell, she probably cries to herself when she’s off screen, because we NEVER see her side of the story! But if I were Kotarō I would have chosen her! In fact, I would have said “yes” before she could say it, and we would have had our happy ending, and had lots of babies, or whatever it is couples do. You know why? Because she’s worth that much! I know she is, and I know in that one-track male mind of yours, you like her too. You’re just too afraid to admit it because she’s a fictional character who would be jailbait to you in real life!

And you know what, Scott? I love you, too. You created me. You gave me a voice in a world where no one would accept me, much like the real world wouldn’t accept you. And you kept me around, even after you had forgotten about me, and left me behind, along with all the memories you had in your past gaming life.

You were cool back then, Scott. You could still be cool now, but only if you believe that you can. And that’s why I have to tell you, before you say a word about your thoughts on this romance, before you mention why this series is relevant, before you suggest to anyone that they should watch Tsuki ga Kirei, remember Chinatsu. Be more like her. There was a time you really were.

And for that friend of yours whom you have a crush on at this very moment… things will get awkward, especially since she will most likely read this post all for herself. Forget about it. Confess to her anyway. You’ll never know unless you tell her first. I believe in you.

With love,

~The False Lystria.

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