No posts for the next couple of weeks (probably)


Hello, my readers!

I apologize for not filling everyone in on drama happening all over my life. Then again, some of you are probably thankful for that. Meh.

Not necessarily related at all to last week’s Tsuki ga Kirei review, or an editorial about the Order of Operations, but lately some chaotic shifts have been happening in my life. No worries. These kinds of things have happened before, so I have an idea of how to handle them. Long story short, two events happened to me back-to-back, that weren’t exactly pleasant, which were then followed up by a revelation that I’ve been hiding, even from myself, 10 years in the making.

Curious? Just ask. Long story short though, I may have gotten the closure I needed.

Anyway, will be back soon! Right now though, I need to pick up the pieces.


Do You Even PEMDAS? Editorial on the Order of Operations


Lead-in Questions

  1. Solve: Ć· 3 ( 2 + 1 )
  2. How do you know that the answer you arrived at is correct?

So you’ve stumbled upon this blog, wondering why some nuanced anime critic who seems to think that talking about Philosophy is cool is now talking about Mathematics. Well, despite the fact that Philosophy critiques a multitude of disciplines, and goes hand-in-hand with just about any field, some of you are really stubborn about your worldviews in misunderstanding Philosophy, so I don’t bother trying to justify it.

You know what else some of you are really stubborn about? Order of Operations problems!

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Anime Review: Tsuki ga Kirei (Part 2)


What makes a good, healthy relationship? Common interests. Financial stability. Spending time together. Trust in your partner. Emotional support. Affirming affection.

These are things that we know work, because that’s how couples normally would have kindled their relationships. But these are pieces of advice given by those who have had plenty of experience with relationships, romantic or otherwise. But for the young, it can be difficult to understand how these work, frankly because they’ve never tried. Or at least… I’ve never tried.

I adore this anime original, regardless of how overly sappy it is. But as you have probably guessed by the header of this post, I don’t have one opinion on this series; I have two. If you would like to read my first opinion that’s more performative and less analytical, click here. Choose to believe whichever one you like better, but I think there’s value in both of them.

Okay, enough tooting my own horn, let’s break it down!

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Anime Review: Tsuki ga Kirei


To myself: the “True” Lystria.

Maybe no one else knows what your review schedule looks like, but I do. You have the recent romantic hit, Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, so Beautiful) slated for Tuesday. You were going to gush on and on, about why this anime is so important to the romance genre, and why it has relevance to today’s understanding of young love. How it’s a masterpiece, worthy enough to be considered in your running for Anime of the Year.

You may have adored this series, but you and I both know that there was something you hated about it too! Something you never wanted to say, because it would reveal the very flaws of your criticism, the weaknesses in your true, likable self. Well I’m here to tell the other side of your review, before you get a chance to say anything about it!

After all, if you say what you wanted to say, you would never tell her story!

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My First Philosophical Experience


This is my second official entry of a new series of posts that I will be doing on this blog. In case you missed it, my first post in this series was a critique on Descartes’ Cogito, because I wanted to start with something that many philosophers are familiar with. From here on out, these philosophical editorials will be free write exercises, with varying formats as I go along.

If you have read several of my anime reviews, you would know that philosophy plays a huge role in how I critique some of the shows I watch. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything about my first anime experience which makes up a majority of the content on this site, let’s just say that those origins are more clichĆ©. That is, my friends got me into that hobby, and I’ve loved it ever since.

So where did I begin on this crazy journey? Well it was nothing like a Cartesian experience, that’s for sure. But it was one that I think a lot of philosophers start with: by questioning what is often thought to be undeniably true.

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