Anime Review: Kiss Him, Not Me


Ah, adolescence. How I do not miss you. Where there is so much pressure to commit to everyone’s expectations, it’s hard to find where one’s own disposition lies. Oh, but what am I talking about?

This is a fun show that takes on a comedic look at a high school girl’s experience — both positive and negative — as an otaku (and more specifically fujoshi or boy’s love fan) trying to survive a budding love life that goes in multiple directions! So what’s a girl to do? Must she deny her own shot at happiness in favor of a specific fandom? And why am I, a guy with a hint of homophobic reactions to BL but not always(?), yet talks more often than not about shōjo anime (here, here, here, and here, to name a few), reviewing this?

I don’t know. I just think it’s fun to talk about these, and I’m not quite sure what I am anymore. Kind of like going through adolescence. So sit back, bask in the social awkwardness, and let’s talk about a comedy that only teases boy’s love, but has no problem showing girl’s love!

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