Anime Review: Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro


Hey everybody! It’s time to (chill out…) for one more anime for Anime Short Features Month! To recap, we embraced otaku culture of the mobile generation in Hackadoll, relaxed with comfort food and a smooth beverage in Wakakozake, and explored one of Japan’s most treasured art styles combined with the nation’s most contested historic periods in Sengoku Chojyu Giga. This time, we are bringing together different cultures in urban Japan in Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro.

I actually think this is one of the most creative anime short features that gives us a different flavor of a slice of life. I may have a bias toward the setting given where I live, but urban life hardly gets represented in anime, especially considering how many of these shows take place in Tokyo. But this series also combines two things that aren’t always seen together. Who knew that fried cooking and disk jockeying had so much in common?

The animation and music melds perfectly together for one funky anime short. And if nothing else, this series always gives me a craving for some tonkatsu.

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