Anime Review: Wakakozake


Let’s make one thing clear: there is nothing wrong with this series. It’s pithy enough to be relaxing, it’s got a fun-loving character, and it brings the anime fan and foodie communities together. At least I hope it does.

Obviously I recommend the series (I recommend crap that I hate too, so long as I’m talking about it). Hell, I’d recommend the live action drama for all of a handful of episodes I’ve seen of it. It’s entertaining. Unfortunately, I do have one bias that keeps me from enjoying this popular short feature to its fullest.

Sorry, fans. I don’t drink.

Feeling healthy

“That’s a lie.”

That’s not to say that I never drank before. If there is an opportunity to drink ritually or on a super special occasion, I will gladly do so. I just have bad memories of casual drinking, usually involving picking fights with raging drunks or never feeling that “buzz,” but totally feeling that hangover the next day. And there’s also this stereotype about how Asians drink to excess whenever they drink, something that I’ve had resisted, even among my peers and extended family.

I think it’s fine to drink if it helps you relax from a busy day. Wakako certainly does in this series, besides having a thoughtful critique on what she’s eating, and occasionally people-watching. It just doesn’t help me.


Aw man. I can’t use the excuse that alcohol’s expensive either!

Well there is one thing that I do love about Wakakozake. Wakako’s reviewing style is very similar to mine, only with food and drinks, instead of anime. Her critiques are self-reflective, and despite what anyone else might think, she knows what she likes for herself. It can be a gourmet meal fit for the most elite of foodies, but Wakako takes pleasure in simple dishes at local diners. In fact, the live action drama counterpart goes so far as to promote local eateries that Wakako goes to for each episode.

And don’t get me wrong, Wakako does make note of her atmosphere and the people she’s with, many of them hard-working men who are also winding down a hard day. And despite the demands I see of highly entitled customers elsewhere, Wakako respects her servers.


I know plenty of people who would consider Wakako their waifu. And why not? She’s kind, she loves to eat and drink, and let’s be honest, she’s in her mid to late twenties or something? That’s around the age of me and my peers!

For me? Not really. I picture her more as a friendly coworker or foil to my own character in the work place. Where I tend to get fired up and energetic about everything I do, Wakako is more serene and down-to-earth with her passions. I could probably learn something from her, if I didn’t resist casual drinking so much.

You may not believe me, but I do relax my own way. It usually involves watching mindless anime like this one. So you can have your outstanding dramas, complex characters, and amazing action sequences happen in your favorite shows. Suffice it to say, those are the shows that get the most attention when I review them. But if you need to wind down with something simply enjoyable for no other reason than just to watch, Wakako’s got you covered.



So if you are looking for a relaxing short anime about a woman who loves food and drinks, watch Wakakozake! <–(too intense)

Ahem… (text whisper) if you are looking for a relaxing short anime about a woman who loves food and drinks, watch Wakakozake.


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