Anime Review: Hackadoll


Are you otaku? Do you feel like your life is dull as ever? Need some excitement in your life? Or do you just want to get… advanced?

If you answered “yes!” to any of the above questions, do we have a deal for you! Based on the mobile app by popular demand (I guess?), let these virtual Hacker Idols (Hackadolls) help you out! They come in all kinds of figures, colors, personalities, and will help you in any situation! Start now and advance your life today!


I hope…

Hackadoll the animation is a fun little short series that features the hackadolls of a mobile app by the same name. While there are many of these hackadolls to choose from, this series focuses on the misadventures of three of them, namely No. 1, No. 2, and No.3 respectively!

No. 1

Creativity isn’t exactly their strongest suit.

When a client has installed the app, answered a few questions in a quick survey, and accepted the EULA, the hackadolls are ready to enter your world and advance your life! And by advance, they really mean try really, REALLY hard not to screw things up!

But despite their given names in the lineup, Hackadolls 1, 2, and 3 have the lowest ranking in customer service, with their rival No. 4 following closely behind them for last place! How can they possibly turn things around to save their data? Hopefully by making their clients happy, am I right?

No. 4

One would hope…

But much to their comedic failures and other mishaps, these hacker idols do bring joy to the series, if only at the expense of other people perhaps. If your life is completely mundane, they’re here to help in any way they can — and that usually means showing just how absurd work can actually be if you think it’s boring!

I mean honestly, who would even want to get excited about what you do if you’re going to be so serious about it? Expectations are too high as it is! You’re never going to please everyone!

No. 2


Together, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and sometimes 4 have come to help otakus, idol managers, anime producers, and town villains (who actually weren’t so bad) advance their lives and bring on the excitement from what otherwise would be high-stress jobs!

And on top of that, they’re computer-based hackers. Programming is what they do best!


Wooser! I thought I got rid of you!

Hackadolls are here to advance you by waking you from your boring lifestyle — if only accidentally — by messing things up! They don’t always intend on making things messy, but a little bit of chaos comes a long way, for those appreciate it the most. And those who appreciate that sentiment the most will see value in even the worst hackadolls in the business!

Although the anime is on the comedic side of things, they do share sentimental moments, where they can connect to their audience, the fans. As an idol fan as well, No. 3 offers sound advice for their client on the night of his favorite idol’s final performance, giving him the encouragement to truly wish her a happy birthday!


Aye Aye, No. 3!

Not to spoil the ending (which still has plenty of hilarious quality, if you have a sick sense of humor), but the client’s delivery will not soon be forgotten. God speed, nameless fan. You have inspired so many of us to do the impossible.

Joking aside, I had a lot of fun with this series. I wouldn’t exactly call it the best work that has come out of the short-lived Ultra Super Anime Time late night TV block in Japan, but it has the heart of the fans in mind, in all the right places. I make these reviews all too serious often myself, and I find that many members within our fan community do much of the same with their favorite shows.

We’re all passionate about something, one way or another. It is our escape from the other mundane, but necessary tasks we have in life! But if at any time you find yourself becoming so serious about your passions that you’re practically destroying your craft, call the Hackadolls. They’ll do the destruction for you!


Wait, what?

Despite their low ratings, Hackadolls 1, 2, and 3 do offer their clients something more than just customer service. They’re here to tear down everything serious about your work and turn it into something enjoyable again!

The hackadolls aren’t guaranteed to satisfy their clients’ every needs and desires. But for the few who have come to appreciate the effort that they put in to making their day a little bit brighter, they are the ones who truly advance.


So if you need to add excitement in your boring, mundane life, watch Hackadoll to help you get advanced!


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