Anime Review: March Comes in like a Lion


This is a beautiful anime. It tells a compelling story that goes in all kinds of directions, it makes good use of colors and scene design, it’s got a great cast of characters, its tone parallels a game of Shogi, it takes a very honest approach about the nature of depression, and it’s got talking animals and cute voice-overs for every onomatopoeia that pops up!

It has the power to lift my spirits. Sure, it played around with my feelings a lot, but it also makes me smile. So as March comes to an end, allow me to share how it came… like a lion.

Meme Face

Aw, come on! I haven’t even started the review yet!

This is a review for the first season of March Comes in like a Lion that originally aired for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017. It will continue where it left off for the Fall 2017 season, and you can bet I’ll be watching it then too!

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Anime Review: Yuri!!! on Ice


There’s no denying it. I love this series, and I do think it deserves as much attention as it has gotten since last year. I admit, that’s a rare thing for me to say, considering my track record for downplaying popularity as a factor for anime.

I appreciate that fans and critics alike have had a lot to say about this series already, so I won’t be sharing anything particularly new about this series. One thing I should point out though is that its use of homoeroticism, while a very important theme, isn’t the only thing is worth noting. I’m kind of a figure skating otaku myself, so watching Yuri Katsuki’s journey to lutz his way to the Grand Prix had extra appeal. But before I get into this review, there is one thing I have to say to the folks who dismiss the series, solely because there’s a romance between two guys in it:

Yurio Plisetsky

Moving on.

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Anime Review: Magic-Kyun! Renaissance


Happy White Day everyone! As promised about a month ago (has it been that long?), I have decided to review a series that features a bunch of guys, and what better way to discuss it than with another romantic anime?

Now just to clear the confusions, this series is the anime adaptation for an otome visual novel for the PS Vita that was released simultaneously with its original broadcast in Fall 2016, and no, I haven’t played it. Now I would slap a SPOILER warning on this review, but I have to be honest: the only real spoilers are ones for the game, once you play all the routes. That and honestly, I try not to take this one too seriously.

If you let go of the idea of expecting a critical analysis, complex characters, and whatever judgment you have about stuff that’s not meant to make sense, Magic-kyun! Renaissance is very enjoyable. After all, it’s a lovely story about one girl that changes the life of six guys in an art academy… and occasionally magic stuff happens.

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