Anime Review: Space Patrol Luluco


So my last batch of reviews have been very theory-driven, analyzing the use of very real concepts in very unreal situations. Well not this time.

I’ll get back to thought-provoking anime another day. Today, I’m just going to cover something fun. And while I’m sure someone out there is hard at work making fan theories for this fun short series, I’ll be looking at Studio Trigger’s recent gem as it is: a tribute to everything they have created thus far. Why? I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to figure that — JUSTICE!


Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into?

Space Patrol Luluco (Uchū Patrol Luluco) stars the titular character, a middle school human girl who doubles as a space agent who defends the galaxy for what else, JUSTICE! She is joined by other agents, including her alien rival Midori and the tween heartthrob Alpha Omega Nova!

Together with some very colorful agents, her father’s brain, a space pirate mother, and a fully automated space suit that transforms her entire body into a gun, Luluco must mete justice (I mean… JUSTICE!) across the galaxy and meet a bunch of Studio Trigger cameos along the way!

Inferno Cop


Now I would be like other folks and try to make sense of the Trigger universe, and how Space Patrol Luluco is the central universe by which everything makes sense, but I think I beat time travel and sci-fi mumbo jumbo to death as of late. That and — not sure how to bring this up safely, but — I’m not a huge fan of Studio Trigger. Like, I’ve seen a few of their projects, even wrote reviews for them. But contrary to what other critics and fans might do, I don’t follow them religiously.

However, I think it is worth mentioning that Space Patrol Luluco‘s inclusion of several of Studio Trigger’s past anime is quite the treat for the fans, as well as for the studio. Along with Inferno Cop above, they have also included characters and references to popular titles like Kill La Kill as well as lesser known projects like Sex and Violence with Machspeed.


And how could I forget a cameo from Little Witch Academia?

So how does Luluco fare as Studio Trigger’s mascot? I’m not one to judge. But given the love that fans have for the production company, Space Patrol Luluco offers a few quick moments that those who know will love, and a fun little love story along the way, Trigger style!

Luluco and Nova

What? Did I not mention that this is a romance series?

Space Patrol Luluco may be super short, absolutely insane, and (theory aside) a satire of all our expectations of anime like it, the very heart of it is exactly what I think the audience wants to see: a budding romance for a quirky middle school girl and her first crush.

And as much as I hate looking back at my middle school days, the amount of insanity that Luluco goes through is, oddly enough, very appropriate. Those awkward moments from your parents? Being utterly embarrassed before all your friends? To think that your crush is absolutely perfect, and you despise anyone who tries to get near him? Man, it’s like middle school never ends!

Not to give away the ending, but I found the exchanges between Luluco and Nova to be super cute, no matter how awkward the situation might get. Sure, in time they will probably move on with their lives or stay together forever or something (hehe… sigh) but that’s a completely different story!

Luluco is cute, quirky, and a whole lot of fun! And she is out there to fight for justice everywhere!


So if you’re a big fan of Trigger, I’m sure you’ve already watched this. But if you were curious about what Studio Trigger has to offer and get a cute but totally bonkers love story to boot, watch Space Patrol Luluco!


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