Anime Review: The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi


Ladies, we need to talk.

We already know that fellas won’t understand Boys Love. It’s already hard enough for us to wrap our heads around the idea that there are double standards surrounding sex and sexuality, deeply rooted in engendering modern society into a (supposedly) indisputable binary. We as the male part of the species have done wrong. That’s why you felt the need to separate an entire genre of romance just for you, one that the boys could not possibly touch out of fear that other guys would think they were gay if they liked it. But, like any other complicated matter this crazy world has to offer, BL is not just for you.

Well, if I’m going to be accused of being a sexist male stereotype anyway, I might as well do it justice. Whenever I pick up a BL series or a shōjo series where the main idea is to ogle super flamboyant guys, I always get awkward stares from men and women alike. It’s like we’re all engineered to think that males and females are supposed to behave and enjoy certain things, and anything deviating from the norm is just unspeakable! But you already knew that. Why the hell am I telling you this?

Well, this anime is about the fandom behind this romantic sub-genre. And whether you like it or not, we are present as fans, too. We would totally rally up our numbers so that you would take us seriously… but let’s be honest: we care more about our Boy Meets Boy ships than to take any action!

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