Anime Review: Bananya


I’m gonna be frank with you. This is a time-waster anime. So it’s a lot of fun, it can be relaxing to watch, but as far as what’s going on, there’s not very much to explain.

Bananya is an anime short about a culture of cat-looking creatures that live inside bananas. Oh, and apparently, it originates from a line of merchandise that features much of the same.

That’s pretty much it. There’s not much else to say.


Nope. Nothing.




Oh gawd NO!


This series is going to make me go bananyas– wait, that’s not what I meant!


These things are so purrsistent!


Okay, fine. You litters are kind of adorable.

But if I ever find one of you runts in my bananas, I will not hesitate to eat mew!

I-I mean… you!


Oh well. At least I know the anime industry doesn’t have to put out any more of these surreal cat shorts anymore, right? RIGHT?

For all your brain-killing, surreal furry thing needs, watch Bananya! Alright, everyone. I gotta split!


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