Anime Review: Tribe Cool Crew


It’s been about a year since this anime aired, and truth be told, I actually like this series. In fact, in its four-season run, it became one of my favorite shows from 2015. The only reason I haven’t gotten around to it was mainly because I needed some more clarity on some of its more critical points. And I personally believe that it can’t be fully appreciated until you see it for yourself.

Now keep in mind: Tribe Cool Crew is an original anime that is made for children. But since I am known for making things a bit more complicated, this review is for my mature audiences, as the series does present a lot of different ideas, from dance routines, to the pangs of growing up, to political conflicts that bring about resistances that can change the world. But of course, all of this is in playfulness to me. And sometimes, theory can get in the way of what makes a show like this one so much fun!

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