Anime Review: World Trigger


Contrary to trending anime, this series takes a refreshing look at shōnen titles. And while the animation is very choppy, it makes up for it with a very complex story that challenges the popular concepts found in bildungsromans. We love countless stories about a boy hero from humble beginnings who becomes the guy that the people can count on. But along the way, he must face many trials where he is likely to fail, get tempted by the enemy, or realize just how far he is from the final goal. But where other heroes overcome these adversities by strength, World Trigger‘s heroes overcome their adversities by something else: their intellect.

There are a lot of elements to cover in this entertaining series, that I won’t be able to cover all of them. I will get to my main focus as part of this month’s theme on when determination is not enough, with a dash of humor. So in the spirit of all kinds of tropes made by this series alone, Trigger on, make your best duck face, and let’s raise the glasses population!

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