Anime Review: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto


It’s no secret. Sakamoto is Cool. Cooler. Coolest. But there is a little more to him than just looking stylish and doing everything the most uncanny way possible. After all, the coolest thing about Sakamoto is that he can bring out the coolness in others.

But of course… this is comedy. So while I continue to explain what I mean by the “coolness in others,” remember that it is still in good fun. And besides, Sakamoto is the kind of guy that makes the girls go wild.


This brings a whole new meaning to “KYAAA!!”

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Sakamoto Desu ga) takes an over-the-top look at the series’ titular character, Sakamoto. A smooth part in his hair, a mole under his left eye, and those signature pointed glasses of his are all part of his trademark good looks. And no, you will never be cool as him. NEVER!

Slope Book

Fun fact: “Slope Book” is a VERY rough translation of Sakamoto from Japanese kanji to English.

Everything he does is cool too. Bullies and adults alike have tried to tear this guy apart, but they’re just jealous that he’s got what they don’t. But rather than be swayed by their pressure, Sakamoto deals with them in his level-headed way. It’s no surprise that even the meanest dudes may as well have fallen in love with him!


“I love him more…”

On a technical side, Sakamoto is situational. That means every segment of this anime (and there are many) stand on their own as separate narratives. Of course that hasn’t stopped fans from having their hearts broken by the final episode (heh), but there are still plenty of moments to show that Sakamoto is incredible at everything he does, and he’s not afraid to show it!

Now there is no doubt that Sakamoto is cool. But what a few fans don’t realize is that he’s also kind of a dork.


Of course, Sakamoto…

And maybe that’s appropriate that we don’t readily recognize it. A lot of fans, including myself, already have a dorky outlook on life. That’s why seeing whatever Sakamoto does looks amazing and every other non-dork just thinks it’s stupid-funny.

I honestly don’t mind that people think he’s cool, but I do find it strange that people deny that his actions can be read as uncool. Sakamoto can get away with doing just about everything he says and does because he’s in a world where he is perceived as the greatest thing since soba sandwiches. Whenever I do it, I’m just the subject of gawking and most people think I’m desperately asking for attention.


These kids are learning from the best!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that what Sakamoto does is really awesome, and I would totally encourage others to do the same. But whenever I call Sakamoto a “dork” or something to that effect, it’s out of pride, not derogation.

We live in a golden age where being dorky or nerdy is cool. In fact, I know a few people who consider being called a “nerd” a compliment. But since I come from a time when being nerdy was distinctly uncool, I still cringe whenever someone — especially those outside of my circle — call me stuff like that.

Sakamoto does a lot of very dorky things, but they are perceived as cool because we the audience have accepted that they are pleasing. In other words, Sakamoto is cool because the things he does is cool to us! But Sakamoto doesn’t just keep this coolness to himself. He shares that coolness with everyone else.

Yoshinobu KubotaYoshinobu Kubota’s mirror shots intimidate his enemies by popping balloons from bursts of concentrated heat. Because Science!

BubblesDon’t mind them, Sensei. They’re just blowing bubbles!

Aina KuronumaAdmit it. You wanted to see a Gugure! Kokkuri-san crossover too!

Bird-sanSorry to disappoint all you shippers, but Sakamoto belongs to Bird-san!

Whether it’s the nerds, the delinquents, the beauties, or those damned dirty critters, Sakamoto brings out the best (and the funniest) in others. But contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t do this at their expense. Sakamoto knows that he is cool, but he’s not one to rub that in anyone else’s face. Instead, Sakamoto puts these very “uncool” people in a new light that would make them appear cool all along. And isn’t that what we want for ourselves?

But whatever. Nothing is achieved from us all thinking the same way. But in the end, all good things must come to an end, even Sakamoto’s anime. And when Sakamoto makes an exit, he does it in the most epic way possible!


Sakamoto, Out!

So if you’re looking for one nutty comedy that makes your life a little less boring, watch Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto!


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