Back from Anime Expo and other announcements


Hi everyone!

So as of late, all of my blog posts have just been about anime (oops), neglecting other projects I used to do or telling you all what other things I’ve been up to. For one, I finally graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy at Cal State LA (yay!) or, you know, that I just finished staffing at Anime Expo for another year.

Now I’ll try to make this quick, because frankly being at Anime Expo as a staffer isn’t nearly as interesting as being there as an attendee; that, and most of my experiences are inside jokes. Long story short, there are times when things get super busy for us.


“Miyamori! [Lystria]! Get back to work!”

Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of time to enjoy the con for myself. Things can get hectic, but I still got a chance to walk around and take pictures or go to the Exhibit Hall.

My favorite experience this year is definitely getting a chance to see the PA Works display, commemorating 15 years of the studio’s work in original animation. While most of the more popular exhibits at Anime Expo are for playing video games, meeting guests of honor, or taking photo ops, getting a chance to see how the works we love are made often attract less crowds. But even so, I rather enjoyed seeing the history of a studio I’ve come to love in the industry along with plenty of visuals in how they constructed some of their memorable works.

Also commemorating an anniversary year is the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation themselves, the non-profit who organizes Anime Expo. Celebrating their 25th year this year, Anime Expo held a gallery of their own for their paraphernalia throughout the years. Of course, since AX went by AnimeCon in their first year, the name “Anime Expo” wouldn’t have its 25th anniversary until next year in 2017!

I may have been working a lot (which by the way is still enjoyable), I also managed to get into one panel event. And since I’ve tried making it a habit of going to them since 2011, I had to go to at least one of the Anime/Manga Studies Symposium events. This one just happened to be on Manga and Anime in Education.


Something’s wrong here. The guys need blush marks too!

Not to spoil what I take away from this panel, but this particular topic hits closer to home for me, seeing how I do want to become a teacher someday. And while I am more focused at the moment for teaching Mathematics, integrating anime into the classroom in things like English and History gave me a few other ideas about how to teach, namely in engaging students in activities that they are already familiar with and how they translate to key concepts in whatever subject area is at hand.

That’s essentially what I already do with my Anime Reviews, minus the whole student engagement part. So anyway, that’s all I had to say about Anime Expo. It was fun and I have lots of personal memories out of it. Now for some other housekeeping notes.

Anime Reviews

Perhaps the bulk of my posts at the moment, I will try to write an anime review once a week for a while. A lot of them will be chosen at random, as my list of things I want to talk about keeps piling up.

Among other critics, I do specialize in retroactive reviews, so basically nothing gets reviewed until a significant chunk of the series is completed. I’ve grown accustomed to this style mainly for the holistic nature of my writings, as well as the complex element that I bring to critique. I hate doing reaction reviews (posts about stuff as they happen) mainly because I am constantly changing my opinion about things until they’re actually complete. I used to do first impression reviews (posts about stuff before it happens), but the very concept of hype upsets me to no end, so I will refrain from conversations about that.

Another personal choice that I make is watching/reviewing things from their official releases here in the States, mainly for authenticity and supporting the industry as opposed to simply consuming the art. My biggest limitation however is usually time (there are a lot of shows that get produced and I am busy with other things in my life), but also the fact that I only do shows from Crunchyroll. I do actually have a free account for Funimation and am planning to get one for Daisuki, seeing how I am missing out on a lot of very popular shows because of it. In the future, I may do some anime reviews that are released officially by these other parties. Just know that most of what I review will still be mostly niche shows that a lot of people didn’t watch yet.

Professor Ginkgo Chronicles

One of my bigger literary projects, my Pokemon fan fiction Professor Ginkgo Chronicles and its sequel Oda Twin Chronicles has been on permanent hiatus. While I would like to complete the story, a lot of my friends who were interested in the project never got around to giving me positive feedback about it. I’ve also pretty much moved on from the narrative and busied myself with some other things.

If you are still interested in that project, read it for yourself. Both narratives have been my way to express a lot of my struggles for being, well, me; so you can imagine that I do get personally attached, something that writers just should never do. If perfect strangers are reading it more than my own friends or family, I must be doing something wrong.

Other Projects?

I could always just share my wisdom publicly by writing other things, but my reality is that I’m actually very shy about what I say. Not that I’ve ever had a problem expressing myself, but I think a lot of what I mean gets lost in translation the moment I hit the “Publish” button. Having to explain myself is a daunting task that I felt was more clear only if I complicated matters. This is why a lot of my political and social philosophy gets tucked away in each anime review that I write. It has essentially become my art.

But even so, I am at least open to the idea of expanding on what I talk about, but those thoughts will still be surrounded by other topics, because for some reason, getting me to talk about something directly makes me extremely nervous. That, and I think a lot of discussion that people have in general over the Internet is only a distraction for much bigger problems anyway.

And to maintain what I already do, these will all be in written form with the occasional dry humor from captions and parenthetical citations (you know what you signed up for by reading this). So no. You won’t see me doing any podcasts or videos in the near future. If you do, that Lystria is an impostor!

Anyway, that’s all I had to say for today. If you need anything, I will most likely be found hiding away in an undisclosed location known as my parents’ basement. Okay, that was a lie.



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