Funny Moments of Spring 2016 Anime


It’s that time of the anime season again, where everything is wrapping up! And while I regret not taking part in the Winter 2016 season, I am relaxed enough to share some of my favorite moments from Spring.

The following moments are some of my favorite funny moments, but not necessarily the funniest moments of Spring 2016 anime. This is also narrowed down from a list of things that I watched during the season. You can find all of these and more on Crunchyroll.

The theme that I chose for these moments is Let’s Talk (話をしよう), thanks to this season’s Rin-ne! For the heavier side of this season, check out my Great Moments of Spring 2016 Anime!

And as always, there will be SPOILERS!

14. Timothy Rap (Anne Happy, ep. 10)


The girls of the Happiness Class are having a karaoke outing, when all of a sudden, they hear a very catchy tune coming from a very familiar voice. Soon, nothing else can be heard other than the robot bunny Timothy doing his one-word flow!

Okay, so technically the full song has about 5 unique words to it, but whatever. It may be the dumbest song ever, but it’s so catchy, even Ren is singing along!

13. Ooooh! Nova’s Cheating! (Space Patrol Luluco, ep. 9)


Luluco is expressing her woes at a cafe, featuring the cast of Sex and Violence with Machspeed, but that’s the trivial part of this scene. As she flashes back to whatever drama is going on her teenage mind, she dwells a lot on whatever her Justice partner Nova is doing. Alas, she tells us that Nova has been spending  a lot of time surfing the web with Midori, so Nova is spending way more time with Midori than with her!

Now let me ask you: what do you make of this scene? Not that I condone oversimplifying evolutionary psychology, but if you’re a guy, you probably said something to the effect of, “Oh, Nova and Midori are just hanging out.” But if you’re a girl like Luluco, you probably said something to the effect of, “Oh HELL NO! Midori is taking her man!”

Now do we understand each other?

12. Tora said What!? (Ushio and Tora, ep. 28)


Okay, so technically, this is a very dramatic scene, as Ushio and Tora charge into the yōkai compound to rescue Asako and Mayura. But if you take what Tora says out of context, things get way out of hand!

I mean, context matters, right? Tora isn’t trying to hustle two teenage girls or anything. He’s just beating down every last yōkai here so that he can find them and bring them back to wherever or something. Very persistently, I might add!

I am making matters much worse, aren’t I?

11. Calm Down, Tenga! (Kiznaiver, ep. 3)


The kiznaivers discover their seventh partner and soon-to-be friend in the Kizna experiment, Yoshiharu Hisomu. But there’s only one problem: he’s a masochist. And if everyone here is sharing pain as it is, they can’t have the new guy inflicting pain on himself just because he likes it! But forget reasoning with this guy; muscles-for-brains Hajime Tenga steps in to deliver this one-liner instead!

Okay. I promise this is the last “hustling” joke on this list!

10. The Idol Rules (Crane Game Girls, ep. 6)


Captain Saya is compromising with the aspiring idols Asuka, Kyōko, and Mirai, hoping that she can still get away with distracting them from “idol training” by saving the world using crane game techniques. But as many an idol agency goes, Saya tells the girls that none of them are allowed to date as long as they’re idols!

Well, that’s fine by the crane game girls! None of them are even interested in dating anyway! Finding no other words to say to the naive bunch, Saya starts incessantly kicking the nearest crane game machine, shouting all kinds of nonsense!

Uhm… Saya? Is there something you want to tell the rest of the girls?

9. (Whispers) Chill Out (Tonkatsu DJ Agetarō, ep. 6)


Agetarō Katsumata is still trying to find his taste in DJ style, when he comes across the concept of chillin’ out. While the DJ helps keep the energy going on the dance floor, Agetarō is reminded to slow things down over time so that his audience can relax. Soon, Agetarō becomes a zen master of “chill out,” to the extent that none of his friends understand what he’s talking about. He is at peace in this chill out state. So much, that by the end of the episode, Agetarō is found frozen in the freezer where the slabs of pork are kept!

Well done, Agetarō. But I think you may have gone a little far chillin’ out. Literally!

8. Tongue, for Emphasis (Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World, ep. 12)


Now I suppose the funnier part of this scene is Subaru’s reaction, when one of the other knights takes Emilia’s hand and kisses it. It becomes increasingly obvious that Subaru is jealous. How dare that guy touch his beloved Emilia-tan!

But as he elaborates on this point further to “Emilia-tan,” he wants to make it very clear that he’s disgusted. Just saying the very word “licking” makes Subaru want to stick his tongue out and make this silly gesture, despite the fact that what the knight had done was very much customary to Emilia.

Well, I’m glad that the animators spared no expense on this one clip in the episode!

7. Kunikida’s Ideal Woman (Bungō Stray Dogs, ep. 6)


Doppo Kunikida’s ability allows him to conjure anything literally from pen and paper! So naturally, his notebook includes a lot of his deepest desires, including what his ideal woman looks like. Curious as ever, Atsushi takes a look at what Kunikida has in mind, only to be terrified beyond belief!

This gag was used several times in the anime, but never mind that. What does the notebook say? Now I’m curious, damn it!

6. A Little Misdirection (Joker Game, ep. 5)


The alleged photographer Kazuo Izawa had been captured by British Intelligence for suspicion of espionage; and for the moment, we may as well assume that he has lost. After delivering a coded message to D-Agency, Izawa asks the guards to let him use the bathroom. Being taken to the one down the hall, Izawa casually asks the guard about the bathroom that was much closer in proximity. Dumbfounded, the guard has a surprised look in his eyes, perhaps fearing that Izawa already knows too much about their secret compound!

Now technically, we can’t assume that Izawa actually knew anything about this compound, seeing how he was taken to this place against his will. At the time he probably didn’t know that there was a bathroom around the corner. But based on the guard’s reaction, not only does he know that now, but he’s also aware that they’re hiding something in that vicinity. Well played.

5. Monetary Power Versus Rote Memorization (Bakuon!!, ep. 8)


Hijiri Minowa doesn’t ride any motorcycles, but she does have a license! Shocked as the other girls may be, her license was issued by multiple foreign countries, where you can practically buy it with the right amount of money. The Japanese government then officially recognizes these as motorcycle licenses, so Hijiri can technically ride any time she wants.

Maybe the government can be fooled by licenses from other countries that have essentially been bought, but Onsa Amano isn’t going to stand for it! Onsa asks Hijiri what a yellow light means, only for her to give the wrong answer! Onsa then asks Hane the same question, only for her to produce the textbook answer that is given in any driver’s manual.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of problems with learning by rote memorization. But for the time being, let this be a lesson to you: in matters of money and the Japanese education system, knowledge always wins!

4. A Lesson in Honesty (Rin-ne, ep. 35)


So technically this moment should have been part of my “Great Moments” list for the season, but this is Rin-ne we’re talking about. And this one has quite the punchline.

Rokumon is attending a party celebrating the Sixth-Dan Kurosu’s life as a black cat assistant. Kurosu issues a challenge for all the young cats, such that anyone who can successfully catch him will earn his inheritance. After causing a ruckus even for cat standards, Kurosu acknowledges Rokumon’s humility and will gladly give him the inheritance for being so forward about it. But even so, Rokumon insists that he never wanted the inheritance to begin with! Eventually, it is revealed that Kurosu actually had no inheritance, but plenty of debt, and Rokumon only knew that because the old cat’s briefcase smelled of the same stench that Rinne was cursed with when he came into contact with a hobo moth!

So the lesson here is not about being humble, but really about being honest. In this case, don’t be Sixth-Dan Kurosu and pawn off your debt onto someone else! Well, at least Rokumon got high-quality cat food out of this charade.

3. What will Chinatsu do with Magic? (Flying Witch, ep. 6)


Makoto may be a witch in-training who develops a lot more skills being a regular human, but Chinatsu wants to be a witch someday, too! Happy to know that someone else wants to learn of the art, Makoto asks Chinatsu what she would want to do with her magic.

Chinatsu goes on to explain that she would use her magic to make a carriage out of a pumpkin, make toys come to life, and even make a house made of candy! Makoto is very excited for Chinatsu’s wonderful ideas! And then Chinatsu says that the house will eat the people who go in it, followed by loud munching gestures.

I’m sorry, Chinatsu. What?

2. Sakamoto to the Rescue!? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, ep. 4)


This would be your standard school fire drill, except that Sakamoto is involved! And when a fellow classmate is still in the building when everyone else had safely evacuated, Sakamoto goes back in to get him out. But since this is a fire drill, Sakamoto does everything in his power to make it feel like an actual fire!

There’s no time to explain. Drenched in the school’s sprinkler system water, Sakamoto crawls on the floor to find his classmate. The two then reach a safe place to escape, and the classmate rejoins the rest of the student body. But what about Sakamoto? He’s still trapped inside!

With a few things lying around the classroom, Sakamoto takes them and dashes out of a window, and parachutes safely down! Now that’s how you do a fire drill!

1. Your Secret is Safe with Miyano! (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, ep. 5)


Shiraishi is the cute class representative of class 1-F. But when no one else is around, she returns to her true form as a super nerd, only for Tanaka and Ohta to find out! But even so, Tanaka and Ohta promised not to share her secret with anyone else. But now that they seem like friendly people, Shiraishi starts to develop feelings for listless Tanaka.

Shiraishi wants to start out as friends with Tanaka, and the energetic Miyano gladly agrees! With that, the three of them exchange emails after school. Miyano then sends Shiraishi an extra special message:

“I will support you in secret. Hope it all works out for you!”

Shiraishi may have a secret that only Tanaka and Ohta knows about, but never mind that. She has another secret, and only Miyano knows!


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