Anime Review: Mr. Osomatsu


Before I get into today’s review, I need to do some housekeeping announcements.

Anime Expo is coming this Friday, and as per my tradition on this blog going on 3 years, I have spent the past month reviewing a lot of shows that have aired between last year’s AX and this coming year’s. If you go to the event, you will most likely find me running around being a staffer, because that’s a thing!

As AX approaches, this will be my last full review until next month, and I figured I will end this marathon with something fun! I will then be compiling a list of my favorite funny and great moments from Crunchyroll’s Spring 2016 anime lineup.

But anyway, onto the review!


Sorry! I don’t like making announcements either!

Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san) is a parody series based off of the classic anime that has aired several times between the ’60s and ’80s, Osomatsu-kun. The series is a comedy about the Matsuno sextuplets and their adventures in causing mischief for everyone else. Created originally by manga artist Fujio Akatsuka, this series is another reboot, but with a different twist.

This time around, the brothers Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu are all adults! And to make matters even worse, they’re all NEETs!


“We have failed you, Akatsuka-sensei!”

Despite what you might think of this series, everything about it is satire. Any argument against it (which there are plenty) only support its level of over-the-top humor! Even though the producers gave a public apology and had the anime’s first episode banned, Mr. Osomatsu turned out to be one of the most popular anime series in 2015, and was also nominated for the Tokyo Anime Award’s 2016 TV Anime of the Year!

Now Mr. Osomatsu unfortunately didn’t win, having contended with what I believe to be the 4 strongest series of 2015. However, I am glad to say that something that I reviewed about this time last year did.


Close, but no cigar… err… tenpai.

When it comes to humor, Mr. Osomatsu is at the top of its game, offering a variety of different story lines and gags to cover. From well-known fictions to obscure references, this deceptively slice of life anime was out to take the anime world back by storm; and in its own weird way, it did! And besides, how often do you get anime President Obama to make a cameo?

Anime Obama

Seriously. Anime freaking Obama!

But maybe you’re not into references to pop culture or current events. Mr. Osomatsu has plenty of its own running gags as well, especially when the sextuplets run into their other friends who also came with them for this reboot. And for the most part, none of them have changed very much over the years.

Just be sure to say “hello” to the Matsunos’ girl-next-door hottie, Totoko!


On second thought… never mind.

Perhaps  one of the more elaborate run-on jokes is just how terrible this show is to the second of the sextuplets, Karamatsu. It’s become tradition for the show to completely ignore everything that happens to Karamatsu, no matter how much he demands attention or cries for help.

In one of the more elaborate segments, the Matsunos discover a cat that not only can talk, but can read people’s thoughts. Aside from the hilarious fact that none of the sextuplets actually mean what they say, they all turn their attention to the most reserved of the bunch, Ichimatsu. In this instant, Ichimatsu reveals what I personally felt hit very close to home. Despite what Ichimatsu says about others being good enough for him, the cat reveals that what he really means is that “I’m not good enough.” This moment unintentionally put the series into the category of uplifting and inspiring shows, as it revealed a much more complex and relatable side to these NEETs…

…had it not been an elaborate gag to show that everyone was way more concerned about Ichimatsu and not at all about Karamatsu, who went through way more hell than anyone in that same episode!


Karamatsu needs a hug too!

I suppose we all have our favorite Matsu from this series. Mine personally is Jyushimatsu, and his stupidly vast amount of energy and that infectiously huge gape of his. But honestly, I’m pretty sure the main reason I favor him is because his name is synonymous with my favorite number (you will most likely see that number on my list of funnies and great moments for Spring 2016 anime, starting tomorrow).

But even so, I wouldn’t dare replace any of the Matsus for just one. The day everyone essentially became Jyushimatsu was perhaps the most terrifying of them all!



But unfortunately, I can’t go and share every last moment of this series, because there are way too many to cover in this review!

So to wrap up, I will let you go with the wise words of the Matsuno sextuplets’ former teacher and middle-aged man who desperately wants his fame and screen time back: Iyami!


So if you’re looking for the parody to end all anime parodies (until whatever the next best thing comes out, I guess), watch Mr. Osomatsu! See you at Anime Expo, in case you find me there!


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