Anime Review: Himouto! Umaru-chan


Fun fact: the title for this anime is written in Japanese hiragana ひもうと, which is a blend word, combining 干物 (“himono,” as in dried fish) and 妹 (“imōto,” as in little sister). The Japanese language loves puns like this, and what you get out of this is a “two-faced little sister!” Why? Because apparently, 干物女 (“himono onna,” as in dried fish woman) refers to women who are beautiful when they are in public, but let loose and act completely different when they’re at home!

So why am I starting this review off with useless trivia? I figured someone who’s reading this might relate to my level of madness in terms of looking for small details, and this series is choc full of tiny references like that! You see, the anime industry right now has been coming out with a lot of shows that relate to the otaku. And that means there are plenty more shows with hidden references to other anime, manga, video games, and other counter-culture stuffs. And whether you’re one to embrace the fandom or dread the idea that anime was a mistake, I will be here to give a more neutral perspective… by avoiding that conversation altogether!

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