Anime Review: RE:Hamatora


About two years ago, I reviewed Hamatora’s first season in preparation for the second season that aired soon after. Several seasons and conventions later, I’m finally getting around to talk about that sequel! And it’s about time, because my Ratio cosplay is slowly becoming less recognizable, seeing how I might be planning to wear it again… for the third time!

Eagle Con Cosplay

Harley Quinn (cosplayer: Lando Clarissian) and I, hanging out at Cal State LA Eagle Con 2016!

With the anime and manga officially complete, I think it’s time for me to revive this recent gem, in case you missed it. But this time, I do suggest that you read my first review or just complete the series before reading on. There will be SPOILERS!


SPOILER: Master is actually Spider Man!

If you didn’t get the memo the first time, RE: Hamatora is the sequel series to Hamatora, the animation. That means the detective agency in poverty known simply as Hamatora is still chasing down criminals, using their strange “minimum holder” abilities, and laying down their own sense of justice in a very dark humor kind of way. And by dark humor, I do mean a lot of scenes that will piss you off, only to punch you in the gut because they’ll crack jokes about it later!

Seriously, I don’t think this series should be taken too seriously. I seriously said that.

All your favorite characters are back to their wacky selves, along with an additional cast of minimum holders who are out to cause mayhem of their own in the name of freedom! With minimum holders making more headlines than ever before, our friends at Hamatora will have to convince the public that minimum holders aren’t a threat to society, while also trying to save Yokohama from complete destruction!

Oh, and Art is an asshole now.


Oh God! Where are all these butt-hurt fans coming from!?

I suppose some of you might think this series is an action drama, had it not been for its bizarre sense of humor in between action scenes. Hamatora likes to keep its audience in suspense in whatever the hell is going on, featuring moments where some of your favorite characters are hospitalized, some of your characters are killed, and some of your favorite characters act way out of character!

Nice and Murasaki

This spoiler has been censored for the safety of those who get angry easily. Please refrain from punching your computer screen.

Three and Honey

No. Three is still a badass with a heart of gold! And Honey is no baby!

As it turns out, Nice’s detective friend from the police department, Art, has just realized his minimum holder ability: Regeneration. And now that he can basically reanimate himself upon certain death, Art has decided that he alone can save all minimum holders and humanity: by creating utter chaos, backstabbing just about everyone he knows, and robbing every minimum holder of their abilities!


See? I told you he was an asshole!

Of course, to fully grasp why Art seems so bent on destroying Yokohama, RE: Hamatora fills us in with a few flashbacks to explain what minimum holders are, and how our gang came to be friends in the first place. And as many a supernatural tale explains, it ultimately boils down to a bunch of scientists being so overtly curious about the next stage in human evolution, that they literally rob their subjects of their humanity. It sounds clichĆ©, but that’s the simple version I can give of why Art is the way he is.

I mean, if you had to witness your friends go through traumatizing torture because they were more special, while you somehow went under the radar anyway, you would probably hate everything too. And once you realized that you could do something to change that, you would probably want to let them experience life as a normal human being too, even if that means that you have to be the asshole. Okay, I’m making a lot of assumptions on that last point.


Somebody get Hajime a burger and fast! Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts!

Backstory details aside, I don’t think it’s possible to separate the drama in Hamatora from its comedic element. Remember that these guys are a bunch of weirdos who probably wouldn’t have become heroes, had it not been for their own sense of justice. In this case, I use “justice” very loosely because it becomes more clear that the very dynamic of things like order and chaos are much more complicated than we think about them. Or perhaps, they simply don’t exist.

But before I lose my head over theory that ultimately means very little to this series, may I remind you that it is a dark comedy. And let’s be honest, Hamatora’s sense of justice really only goes so far as calling out each other’s shenanigans.


Anyone who has ever had a roommate has wanted to say this a dozen times.

This may be a Nice series. It may be considered a work of Art by some. I’d give it a Three out of five Ratio, even though there were times it blew my Gasquet (what, too soon?) From Hajime to owari, this show had its ups and downs, with loose Morals and forced jokes (okay, that’s just me). But if there’s anyone we can’t forget from this series, it’s Birthday.

So to wrap up this review, allow me to share one of his many one-liners for no reason whatsoever.


Yeah. Try not to think about it too much.

So, once again, if you are looking for a bizarre action comedy that has already pissed you off at least once, continue on with RE:Hamatora. And in case you were wondering who exactly is the guy in the tiger-hamster costume and why he shows up occasionally, your guess is as good as mine.


3 thoughts on “Anime Review: RE:Hamatora

  1. I laughed so hard while reading your thoughts on this series – great writing. I really enjoyed Hamatora and RE:Hamatora (when my eyes weren’t exploding from the colour palette or the scene changes) but you are right in your description of motives and plot. This show is all over the place and taking it seriously is impossible, yet it’s too dark to really dismiss as a comedy.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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