Anime Review: Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life


Hello everyone. My name is Wooser. The guy who runs this blog promised to do my review next. But as you can see, the site has been vacant for a couple months. Such a shame.

So in the absence of the blogger behind The True Lystria, I have decided to tell you all about my show myself!


The Hell, Wooser! I’m still here!!

What? How are you here? And why are you speaking in the captions? This is supposed to be a review! Wouldn’t having a dialogue with me be more effective in video format?


Isn’t your show written by different directors with different styles every episode?

Ah! You’re going to make my show more complicated than it actually is!


It’s what I do. But whatever. Go on with your review.

Sigh. Fine.

Let me tell you why you should watch my show. Unlike the guy who writes this blog, I’d rather enjoy the simple things in life. What are those you might ask?


That’s all you need for a good show, and I have lots of all of them!


No you don’t, Wooser!

My show is absolutely funny! It’s short, but it’s got plenty of references to other franchises. And it has aired for three seasons!

The anime industry loves me!

Play it Cool

Cool it, Wooser. They don’t love you that much. (But I did like the Westside Story bit.)

I beg to differ. There have been plenty of stars from other anime who have come onto my show. Other than Miss Monochrome, I have also featured other celebrities like Chamber from Gargantia, Monokuma from Danganronpa, and Iona from Arpeggio of Blue Steel! At least you liked that one, right?

My show promotes a lot of recent anime, kind of like what you do.


Yeah, but you also scared off Chihaya from Idolm@ster. Unforgivable!

Not only have other anime characters been featured on my show, I have crossed mediums into their worlds too! I have been featured on lots of new projects for the Ultra Super Anime Time block. Didn’t you see me in the recent Space Patrol Luluco? I have good agents, you know.

I have also been featured at several anime conventions. And you should totally check out my Weiss Schwarz deck. It’s super powerful!

Weiss Schwarz Wooser

So powerful, it’s been banned in every tournament!

Hey, lay off! They just don’t appreciate how good I am, that’s all. I’m so good, there are times I even sympathize with the villains.


Maybe that’s because you ARE the villain!

Gasp! That hurts, man. I think I’m going to cry. And while we’re on that note, if you think that dot in the middle of my face is a mouth, you are mistaken. That is my nose, and it’s dripping because I’m such a sad yellow rabbit.


You’re not a rabbit. You’re a hack!

Well anyway…

Soon, I will be on every anime. I will become one with the universe. And you will see Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life soar to the top of the charts whenever there is a new season out! I will become world famous! I will be anime famous!!

Announcer Wooser

No. He must be stopped!

So if you haven’t done so already, watch my show! In fact, watch it again. And again! Just like this guy did to make this review happen!

I give it a perfect 10/10!

Mecha Wooser


Hey everyone. The True Lystria is back after a two-month hiatus! I was going to start things off by telling you about Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life (Wooser no Sono Higurashi), but it looks like Wooser already did that for me. Thanks!

Now I wouldn’t give it a perfect 10/10 (I don’t give numbered ratings anyway), but if you’re looking for a short parody series that brings together a lot of features of anime today, then watch Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life! For all three seasons! Seriously, it’s funny.


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