Anime Review: Miss Monochrome


Last time, I talked about an anime about idols just starting their careers with realistic concerns. This time, we will be looking at a series about an idol who pushes her way to the top in the unusual, but “so typical” anime fashion. Now I will warn you that some of what I say still involves some critical discourse; but you may go ahead and say that I’m overthinking things, because I probably am.

This review is comprised of all three seasons of Miss Monochrome, a series that I personally grew to like over time. However, saying that I like it now implies that I actually disliked it before. I will attempt to remain true to all those feelings, for as I see Monochrome’s progression from beginning to end, she has come very far from being a poor android to a star worthy of competing against the top idols.

But let’s be honest: the real star of the show is Monochrome’s Roomba companion!

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