Anime Review: Million Doll


I admit that I’m not a big idol fan. In fact, I don’t feel like I’m a big anime fan either. It’s hard to feel like I’m part of a bigger crowd when I find myself retreating from dialogue than engaging in it. Or maybe my investment in this phenomenon is different from the loudest of fans.

This review is a critique of a short anime series that is an example of what many consider a “bad anime.” It’s too short, the animation seems rushed, and the characters leave something to be desired. Oh, and there’s that whole “all too real” thing going on, which some of the louder fans detest because anime is supposed to be fantasy. But instead of focusing on what makes this series hard to watch, I want to give it a chance to be real. I hope that by the end of this review, you will realize that I still have a lot of hard feelings about how this series was handled by production and so-called fans, but I still enjoyed it. Because if it’s going to be “all too real,” then it had better at least be genuine.

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