Anime Review: Actually, I am


Actually, I am going to make this review fun. Lately I’ve been doing so many serious reviews, that even I’m starting to think I’m incapable of writing about anime that I enjoyed simply because they’re entertaining. That being said, I will attempt to wrap up all that I have discussed this month with a brief analysis, and then get to the fun part!

In my review for School Live, we discussed how we can make our life worth living.

In Plastic Memories, we discussed how we are defined by our memories.

In The Perfect Insider, we discussed how we are always seeking answers.

In Charlotte, we discussed how our aspirations help us to grow.

For this review, I will not be discussing the details of some bigger theory, but I will be implying a final answer to what makes us who we are, something that encompasses all five of these series that I have presented this month. So in the spirit of something that sounds totally Beauvoirean, who are we? We are a situation!

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk about one of my favorite shows from last year! And unlike the other shows, this sh┼Źnen romantic comedy can only make sense if we have fun with it!

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Anime Review: Charlotte


Growing up is one of the scariest things anyone can do. When you’re a kid, it’s a lot easier to think about doing what you want to do, or be whatever you want to be. But there comes a time in every person’s life, whether sooner or later, when reality hits and the dream is over. And we come to realize that we are not immortal.

Such is the tone of this series about children who are given supernatural powers. This is a series about teenagers who have the power to change the world, but the lesson to be learned is not that one must be responsible in using these powers. Rather, it is a question of what happens when they are taken away?

With that said, since today is Good Friday where I am, let’s begin with a word from the person in this series who comes closest to being an anime Christian saint!

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Anime Review: Everything Becomes F – The Perfect Insider


I admit that I have a different approach to anime reviews. I like to add critical analysis and self reflection to the shows I watch, as opposed to a standard evaluation. Furthermore, I also realize that this particular series leaves people with more questions than answers. Well, since I have a reputation to uphold, allow me to add to the confusion as I attempt to explain this series under my area of study: Philosophy!

In this review, I will be explaining the discourse in three parts that I believe are important to this anime. These sections will help in deconstructing “Seven is a lonely number,” “Everything becomes F,” and the unanswered questions. If you like a standard summary of what to expect, I will provide a brief exposition leading up to these points. I will also try to keep this review free of plot spoilers, but I will also be explaining some key elements in the series that can reveal spoilers. But before approaching this review (and the show, if you haven’t watched it yet), I find that these 3 principles help in understanding the series:

  1. While it is tempting to have an analytical approach for this series, I find it helpful to have a dialectical approach.
  2. Suspend your use┬áof language in this series, especially when dealing with Dr. Magata. It’s better to try to┬áunderstand her semantics rather than assume yours.
  3. Suspend your moral leanings. While they are still important, they are more likely to add more confusions to the discourse.

Well, if I haven’t lost you yet, let’s get this mystery started!

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Anime Review: Plastic Memories


I’m honestly not very sure if I can do this review properly. I enjoyed this series. It made me smile, and it made me cry. It is a common love story of “boy meets girl,” with a side of artificial intelligence and a premise similar to that of Blade Runner.

These are things others have probably said about the series, but what I want to focus on are not plot or characters or setting. I want to talk about memories. And what memories┬ámean to us. Because let’s be real: the memories we don’t forget are always the bad ones. Sure, we might remember the good ones too, but they don’t leave that same kind of impression. I want to defend those good memories. Because as painful as it is to watch┬áthis series, it ends with a lot of hope.

My readers usually know this, but my SPOILER PORTION begins now.

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Anime Review: School Live


I will save you some trouble in case you haven’t watched or heard of this yet. This is a┬áseries┬áthat combines the cuteness of a school-themed anime with the terror of a zombie apocalypse.┬áHaving said that, there are two very different worldviews going on in this show. As it appears in its reality, it’s a zombie-ridden world where one’s own survival is necessary.

And yet in the eyes of one girl, it is the last chance to enjoy high school life before graduation. You would be right to call me crazy to think that somehow both of these worldviews are compatible. But what transcends from this series is a case not just to survive, but to live, even when the world goes to Hell.

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