Anime Review: Comical Psychosomatic Medicine



Now that I got your attention, it’s time for another anime review! Speaking of which, I’ve just been reminded that on this day last year, I wrote a review that dealt with similar sexy shenanigans, but gave it a spin on exploitation and objectification, in opposition to what ended up being a three-month project to explain my true stance on feminist issues as it relates to anime (sadly, I have nothing as elaborate planned out this time around). I suppose I’m here to tell you that whatever view I had of Rail Wars then is really not a reflection of my views now, but an exaggerated antithesis of it. My bad!

So in the spirit of redeeming myself (again), this is a review about a different kind of ecchi comedy that I enjoyed, perhaps a little too much! And unlike some of my more recent reviews, this one will be written in good humor.

After all, this is a comedy series, and I did dress the part and cosplayed as Dr. Ryō Shinnai at last year’s Anime Expo!

Dr. Shinnai Cosplay


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