Anime Review: Comical Psychosomatic Medicine



Now that I got your attention, it’s time for another anime review! Speaking of which, I’ve just been reminded that on this day last year, I wrote a review that dealt with similar sexy shenanigans, but gave it a spin on exploitation and objectification, in opposition to what ended up being a three-month project to explain my true stance on feminist issues as it relates to┬áanime (sadly, I have nothing as elaborate planned out this time around). I suppose I’m here to tell you that whatever view I had of Rail Wars then is really not a reflection of my views now, but an exaggerated antithesis of it. My bad!

So in the spirit of redeeming myself (again), this is a review about a different kind of ecchi comedy that I enjoyed, perhaps a little too much! And unlike some of my more recent reviews, this one will be written in good humor.

After all, this is a comedy series, and I did dress the part and cosplayed as Dr. Ry┼Ź Shinnai at last year’s Anime Expo!

Dr. Shinnai Cosplay


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Anime Review: Tabimachi Lateshow


We are all travelers. Each of us stroll along a unique path that many simply call “Life.” We aren’t sure where we are going, or who we’re going to meet along the way. Some of these instances bring us joy and serenity, while others bring us grief and regret. Some of the people we meet will become our most important companions, while others will become our greatest enemies. And yet, all of these instances fade in time, as our very impressions of our world change with each perspective we gain.

For this series, Life is a journey, filled with meetings, interactions, and eventually goodbyes. But even though we may grow asunder from those we love, it is the memories we have of spending even a moment’s time with them that last along our travels.

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Anime Review: Etotama


Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m aware that the new year has started for quite some time, and some of us are still awkwardly writing and correcting “2015” for the past month or so. But if you’re following the Lunar calendar, the new year has only just begun!

While most of the world (including Japan) follows a calendar that begins in January, some people still use the Lunar calendar to refer back to the Chinese zodiac, following from ancient mythology on how the calendar as we know it first came into being. While science now has better explanations on how years actually work, it’s fun to note that the myth referred back to a race among the animals who would be revered in rank order for the rest of time every 12 years, as chosen by the gods. Each of these animals arguably have anthropomorphic qualities that are significant to East Asian culture and philosophy.

The Chinese zodiac continues to have its significance today, and this anime uses the mythology as a background for its wacky comedy. But since we’re in the 21st century, this show presents them the only sensible way for a contemporary anime: by turning all the animals into cute girls!

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Anime Review: Argevollen


There are plenty of reasons why mecha anime is intriguing to audiences. From collecting models of each machine to telling an heroic narrative with futuristic technology left to the imagination, mechas are often given a commercialized feel to what is often a replication of classic storytelling.

My main concern when discussing a mecha series (especially a drama like this one) is to address the aspects of the human condition, as it is superimposed by a human-shaped fighting machine. And while there are many different directions that can be said about it, I believe that this series is designed not as a glorification, but a criticism of modern warfare. When it comes to the relationship between human and mech, Argevollen strips the Human of autonomy to make way for the Machine.

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