Anime Review: Makura no Danshi


Makura no Danshi is an interactive anime short that is designed to help you, the audience, sleep while a “pillow boy” talks to you. There’s nothing really more for me to explain beyond that. If you ever wanted to have an anime guy lull you to sleep, maybe this will help. But bear in mind, if you are watching this to find ways to lull your partner to sleep, following the pillow boys’ examples may not be effective. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I would end this review there, but that’s hardly entertaining the subject! So I will go ahead and give you my sample of interactions with all the pillow boys (in text, of course). And since I’m not a girl in real life, I have decided to trade slightly out-of-context yaoi dialogue with them instead!

Disclaimer: Never actually read any yaoi, so I have no idea if this is how it’s supposed to sound.

makura-merry“What’d you do to my butt??”

makura-sosuke-tanaka“N-no, Senpai! M-m-maybe you can leave 10 minutes before me instead?”

makura-kanade-hanamine“So which is it gonna be, Maestro?”

makura-eiji-kijinami“That doesn’t matter right now. Hush.”

makura-ryushi-enori“What? That’s all? Oh.”

makura-yu-maki“Huh?” (tilts head in confusion)

makura-haruto-enokawa“Aww. Thanks, lil’ bro. You’re the best.”

makura-nao-sasayama“G-G-GO BACK TO CLASS, YOUNG MAN!!”

makura-shirusu-mochizuki“Sure, dude. Wait. What are these two doing here?”

makura-chigiri-twins“Uhm… here, maybe?”

makura-yuichiro-ida“And I’m always on yours too, bro.”

So if you need some help sleeping or just wanted an anime guy to interact with, watch Makura no Danshi! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get off my butt for a second.


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